Internet Activation Code [LycaMobile]

Activate mobile internet on Lycamobile with ease using our step-by-step guide. Get connected to high-speed data services, understand the APN settings, and configure your smartphone for the best Lycamobile experience on the go.

Lycamobile activate Internet

After getting a new SIM card and possibly  free Lyca SIM   from Lyca mobile, doing the registration on their website to activate the card, and topping up credit - or getting some welcome gift credit, one issue appears : 2G / 3G / 4G mobile internet does not work by itself, only by activating the option on the smartphone.

The solution is pretty simple : go to Settings > More > Cellular networks > Access Point Names

There, click on the + icon in order to create a new APN, and enter the following information :

(to change according to your country, see below)

Access Point Name and Username vary per country, see the table at the end of below step by step guide for Android to choose the right one for your country. 

LycaMobile: How To Activate Internet?

After having received and installed your LycaMobile SIM card, put the card in your phone, and made sure your phone has mobile service access to the operator’s network, follow these steps to activate mobile Internet on your phone.

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Step 1 : open Settings on your phone

Step 2 : open the More menu

Step 3 : open the Cellular Networks menu

Step 4 : open the Access Point Names menu

Step 5 : click on the + icon to add a new APN

Step 6 : fill in the information according to your country

Country Name / APN / Username / Password:

Lyca Australia, lycamobile,, lmau, plus.

Official help by phone model Australia

Lyca Austria, lyca internet,, lmat, plus.

Official help by phone model Austria

Lyca Belgium, lycamobile,, lmbe, plus.

Official help by phone model Belgium

Lyca Danemark, lycamobile,, lmdk, plus.

Official help by phone model Danemark

Lyca France, lycamobile,, lmfr, plus.

Official help by phone model France

Lyca Germany, lycamobile,, lmde, plus.

Official help by phone model Germany

Lyca Hong Kong, lycamobile,, lmhk, plus.

Official help by phone model Hong Kong

Lyca Ireland, lycamobile,, lmie, plus.

Official help by phone model Ireland

Country Name / APN / Username / Password:

Lyca Italy, lycamobile,, lmit, plus.

Official help by phone model Italy

Lyca Macedonia, lycamobile,, lmde, plus.

Official help by phone model Macedonia

Lyca Netherlands, lycamobile,, lmnl, plus.

Official help by phone model Netherlands

Lyca Norway, lycamobile,, lmno, plus.

Official help by phone model Norway

Lyca Poland, lycamobile,, lmpl, plus.

Official help by phone model Poland

Lyca Portugal, lycamobile,, lmpt, plus.

Official help by phone model Portugal

Lyca Romania, lycamobile,, lmro, plus.

Official help by phone model Romania

Lyca South Africa, lycamobile,, lmit, plus.

Official help by phone model South Africa

Country Name / APN / Username / Password:

Lyca Spain, lyca internet,, lmes, plus.

Official help by phone model Spain

Lyca Sweden, lyca internet,, lmse, plus.

Official help by phone model Sweden

Lyca Switzerland, lyca internet,, lmch, plus.

Official help by phone model Switzerland

Lyca Tunisia, lyca internet,, lmtn, plus.

Official help by phone model Tunisia

Lyca UK, lycamobile,, lmuk, plus.

Official help by phone model UK

Lyca Ukraine, internet,

Official help by phone model Ukraine

Lyca USA, lycamobile, .

Official help by phone model USA

Step 7 : save APN configuration

Click on the top right three squares icon, and select Save.

Step 8 : enjoy Internet access

Your phone should now be connected, according to the top icon 4G!

You might have to restart your phone, and active the Mobile Networks access

Lycamobile iPhone internet settings

In order to active the internet on iphone with lycamobile, as it is disabled by default, follow below steps :

  • Go to home screen,
  • Open settings,
  • Select cellular,
  • Select enable LTE switch,
  • Select enable LTE,
  • LTE is now enabled.

Then, update the iphone APN internet settings as per above values, which differ per country for APN and MMS APN.

Internet Lycamobile

Lyca internet in Europe has pretty impressive rates, especially now that EU roaming is free of charge, in application of fair use.

They have 4 different pass available, all including unlimited national calls and SMS – which are also free in Europe due to EU roaming, and following internet Lycamobile prices :

  • Pass National S for 10€ with 4GB, which makes 2.5€ / GB of Lyca internet mobile,
  • Pass budget for 5€ with 2GB, which also makes 2.5€ / GB of internet with lycamobile,
  • Pass national M for 15€ with 12GB, which makes 1.25€ per gigabyte of Lyca mobile internet,
  • Pass National L for 20€ with 20GB, which makes 1€ per GB of mobile Lyca internet.

Lycamobile recharge

Lyca recharge can be bought online, with money transferred directly to the account, which will usually be confirmed by SMS when complete.

Lycamobile quick recharge websites for lycamobile top up:

Ding top-up any phone, anytime, anywhere
Send international mobile recharge. Recharge mobiles online, easy and safe
Send mobile top up recharge online, top up any mobile phone
Instant and secure phone credit worldwide

Lycamobile promo code

In order to find some Lycamobile coupon codes for your recharge, or new SIM card buying, the easiest is to look online for the common coupon codes websites. Some of them might have current offers for your country and your operator Lycamobile:

Groupon deals and coupons
Lycamobile coupons and promo codes 2018

How to activate Internet LycaMobile 10€ code (or other amount)?

In order to top up your LycaMobile SIM card remotely and  activate Internet   again after you were lacking credit, one of the best solution might be to get an  online recharge   that will deliver to you a digital code to top up your Lyca phone.

Go to an  online recharge   website on which you can choose your SIM card country - if you don't choose the country in which you bought your LycaMobile SIM card then the top up might not work - and select the recharge you would like.

For example for United Kingdom, the most popular ones are the LycaMobile £10 bundle codes and the LycaMobile £20 bundle codes that can both be bought online.

Buy it, receive the digital code, use it to recharge your phone by accessing your Lyca account via the special code, and your LycaMobile Internet will be activated back again!

How to activate Internet on LYCAMOBILE

In order to  activate Internet   on your paid or  free Lyca SIM   card, it is necessary to setup an APN for LycaMobile Internet, also called Access Point Name.

To do so, go to settings > more > mobile networks > access point names > new APN.

Once in the new APN creation mode, add the information as described above, or use below LycaMobile Internet APN settings to  activate Internet   on LycaMobile.

Lyca - APN settings - Show All - Technical Help
LycaMobile APN Settings

After having bought a new LycaMobile SIM card, or getting a free Lyca SIM, as the one below, and entered it in your phone, apply the above tricks to  activate Internet   for LycaMobile on your phone.

Let us know in comments, did the trick work for you? If not, let us know and we’ll help you to  activate Internet   on Lycamobile.

LycaMobile SIM card brand new

What are the LycaMobile data roaming settings

In order to have the proper LycaMobile data roaming settings, it is necessary first of all to apply the standard LycaMobile  activate Internet   setttings as explained above, for the free Lyc a SIM card   origin country and eventually for the visiting country data roaming settings.

Then, open the phone settings, and go to wireless and networks > more > cellular networks > data roaming, and activate the LycaMobile data roaming settings there, by turning on the button for data roaming.

After having performed this operation, wait a few minutes for the LycaMobile data roaming settings to be applied and for data roaming to do the LycaMobile  activate Internet   in your data roaming country.

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More information on Lycamobile

Are there any Lycamobile unlimited internet plans? Yes, since July 2019 there is a Lycamobile unlimited Internet plan in UK. To get it, simply get the forever data package that costs 20£ for 30 days, and includes 9GB of UK data on 4G, and then Lycamobile unlimited Internet plan is reduced to 128kb/s.

Lycamobile unlimited internet plans information on Lycamobile UK website
Lycamobile unlimited internet information

What are the Lycamobile Internet plans? Lycamobile Internet plans are generally as follow, depending on each country: one basic plan with a few GB of Internet, one medium Lycamobile Internet plan with more mobile data, and one higher Lycamobile Internet plan with enough data for a high usage.

Lycamobile internet plans information on Lycamobile UK website

What are the Lycamobile Internet settings? The Lycamobile Internet settings are as described above, different per country. But, in general, it is necessary to setup an APN, also called Access Point Names, to be able to activate the Lycamobile Internet settings on your smartphone. The Lycamobile Internet settings are generally an APN called lyca with APN name data.lycamobile.[countrycode].

What is the Lycamobile France Internet code? The Lycamobile France Internet code are an APN name lycamobile, APN, lmfr, plus. To activate  mobile data   in France, you have to setup the Lycamobile France Internet code by creating a new Internet  Access Point Name   with given code.

Lycamobile Internet settings USA on our other article
Lycamobile France Internet code on Lycamobile French website
Access Point Names definition on Wikipedia
Access Point Names - What is an APN, and how do I change it?

What are the Lycamobile MMS settings? To setup the MMS for Lycamobile, all you have to do is to create a new Access Point Name, just like to activate Lycamobile 4G, as the MMS messages are actually sent out exclusively on mobile data. The Lycamobile MMS settings are the same as the Lycamobile 4G settings, different per country.

Lycamobile MMS settings for Lycamobile UK

Troubleshooting for Lyca Mobile issues

How to activate activate Lycamobile Internet? To activate activate Lyca internet, all you have to do is to setup the right  Access Point Name   that corresponds to your country. See above per country the right APN settings to activate 4G lycamobile.

Lycamobile internet abroad: how to enable? To enable the LycaMobile Internet abroad, all you have to do is to get a data roaming package before leaving your country. Then, make sure that the data roaming setting has been activated for your Lyca mobile SIM card. This will enable 4G with Lyca mobile once you will be abroad.

What is the Lycamobile internet package code in France: in order to get an Internet pack, use the Lycamobile Internet package code *139*8100# in France to get a Large Web Pass from Lyca mobile with 2GB of Internet with EU data roaming for 9.99€, or use the Lycamobile Internet package code *139*15300# in France for the Extra Large pack with 10GB of Internet including EU roaming.

What are the Lycamobile internet settings Romania? The Lycamobile Internet settings for Romania are APN : - Username : lmro – Password: plus. Simply set these settings in a new  Access Point Name   for Lyca mobile SIM card.

Lyca Mobile WebPass L and XL €9.99-€19.99 Internet Pass France

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate configuration internet LycaMobile?
To activate, you need to set up an APN for LycaMobile Internet, also called an access point name. To do this, go to Settings > Advanced > Mobile networks > Access point names > New APN.
What is Lycamobile and why should I choose it as my mobile network provider?
Lycamobile is an international mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides low-cost, high-quality international and national calls, text messages, and mobile data services in over 20 countries around the world. People choose Lycamobile for its competitive pricing, extensive coverage, and flexible plans tailored to meet the needs of customers who make frequent international calls or travel often.
How do I know if my phone is compatible with Lycamobile's network?
To ensure your phone is compatible with Lycamobile's network, first, check if your phone is unlocked and not tied to any specific carrier. Next, verify that your phone supports the network frequencies used by Lycamobile in your country (e.g., GSM, 3G, 4G, or 5G). You can usually find this information in your phone's specifications or by contacting your device manufacturer.
How do I check my Lycamobile data balance once I have activated my internet service?
To check your Lycamobile data balance, you can either dial a specific USSD code or use the Lycamobile app. For most countries, you can dial *137# or *110# and press the call button to receive your data balance via a text message. Alternatively, you can download the Lycamobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store, register your account, and view your data balance directly in the app. Note that the USSD code may vary depending on your country, so refer to the Lycamobile website or customer support for the correct code for your location.
Can I use Lycamobile Internet while roaming?
Yes, you can use Lycamobile Internet while roaming, but there may be additional charges. It is recommended that you check the roaming rates and terms and conditions before using the plan while roaming.
What is a Lycamobile promo code?
A Lycamobile promo code is a special alphanumeric code that can be used during the purchase of a Lycamobile plan or service to avail of discounts, bonuses, or other promotional offers. By entering the promo code at the checkout or activation process, cust
How does the activation code process work for LycaMobile Internet, and what are the benefits of using it?
Activation involves entering a code provided by LycaMobile, enabling quick and easy access to internet services, with benefits like immediate connectivity and promotional offers.

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