How to fix No Service on Android phone?

Troubleshoot No Service issues on your Android device with our comprehensive guide. Learn about common causes, practical solutions, and how to identify whether the problem lies with your SIM card or device.

Reset network settings

First step, after having restarted your phone, is to try to reset your network settings.

In the Settings > Backup and reset menu, select reset network settings.

Manually connect to network

In the Settings > Mobile networks, select network mode, and then select network operator.

The phone will search for all the available network carriers in your area, and will list them.

Select your carrier, for example Verizon 3G. The phone will take some time to connect to this carrier, you can then test if that was working.

Test the SIM card on another phone

If your phone is properly configured, but cannot connect to the service, try the SIM card on another phone.

The check on another phone will show you if the SIM card is working properly or not. If not, it might be best to contact your carrier and ask for another card, or to activate it.

If the SIM is working, and all above steps didn’t work, the last resort is to factory reset your Android phone.

Factory reset

When nothing is working, the last option is to reset the phone, by going in the Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset menu.

Before doing so, make sure that all your important documents have been saved on another device, as this operation will delete all data on your phone.

How to solve LycaMobile SIM card no service on Android

After having %%activated LycaMobile motile internet%% on your phone, or with another SIM car from another operator, you mightnot have service for different reasons.

When having no SIM card service on Android with a LycaMobile SIM card, or another SIM card with another operator, follow these steps to get the service back:

Start by turning off the cellular data in settings > cellular. Then, put the phone on airplane mode, and turn it off.

Now, remove your LycaMobile SIM card from  the Android phone   to solve the  no service   issue. Check that the SIM card is clean, and put it back.

Turn on the iPhone, remove the airplane mode, activate again the cellular data, and reset the network settings.

Your LycaMobile SIM card  no service   issue on Android or another smartphone with LycaMobile or another phone operator should now be solved!

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Why does my Android phone says no service?

Why does my phone says no service? If you phone says no service, it might be due to several reasons:

  • Restart your phone, and wait for a few minutes to let the phone try to connect to the mobile network,
  • Put your phone on airplane mode, wait 30 seconds, and take the airplane mode off,
  • Go to settings > mobile networks > network settings > advanced, turn off the option to automatically select network, and select manually the right mobile network operator,
  • Last option… is to change SIM card! Try for example getting an  international SIM   card that works anywhere, with different phone operators.
  • Remove the SIM card, check that it is fine and there are no apparent damage, put it back on.

If your phone still says  no service   after having tried all these alternatives, the only way to fix it, provided that you are sure to be in an area where mobile network is available, is to bring your phone for manual repair.

Why does my Android phone says no service? All possible solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to solve network problem in mobile right away?
In order to fix the problem with the network in the mobile, then, first of all, restart the phone and wait a few minutes while the phone tries to connect to the mobile network.
How do I know if the No Service issue is related to my SIM card or my Android device?
To determine whether the No Service issue is related to your SIM card or Android device, try inserting your SIM card into another compatible phone. If the issue persists on the other device, the problem is likely with your SIM card or service provider. If the No Service issue is resolved on the other device, the problem is likely with your original Android device.
What should I do if my Android device shows No Service even after trying the suggested solutions in the article?
If you've tried the suggested solutions in the article and your Android device still shows No Service, it may be time to contact your mobile network provider's customer support. They can help troubleshoot any potential network or account issues. If the problem persists, consider visiting an authorized service center to have your device examined for potential hardware problems.
Can a software update cause the No Service issue on my Android device?
Although it's rare, a software update can sometimes cause the No Service issue on your Android device. If you suspect the problem started after a software update, try the following: Ensure that your device has the latest software update installed, as updates often include bug fixes. Perform a factory reset on your device (be sure to back up your data before doing so). This can help resolve any software-related issues that may have caused the No Service problem.
What are the reasons why the phone network is not working?
There could be various reasons why a phone network is not working, including technical issues with the network infrastructure, maintenance or upgrades being carried out, signal interference, a problem with the phone itself or its settings, or disruptions to power or connectivity caused by natural disasters or other events.
What should I do if my Airtel Sim shows no service?
If your Airtel SIM card is showing no service, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue: Restart your phone. Check network coverage. Check SIM card placement. Airplane mode toggle. Verify account status. Check if your phone is compatib
What troubleshooting methods can resolve the 'No Service' error on Android phones?
Methods include checking SIM card status, resetting network settings, updating the phone’s software, or checking for network outages and coverage issues.

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 2022-02-19 -  Arne
I have a Blu Dash M2 and I try to go to mobile networks but that option is disabled. I just restarted it through the volume key + and the power button because I had forgotten the pin, I haven't used it for months and now I don't know if the problem with mobile networks is from the SIM slot or something else
 2022-02-21 -  admin
@Arne if the option to activate the mobile network is not available, and the phone is up to date, the problem is most certainly with the SIM card, which may have been deactivated. Can you try with another SIM card, or try the SIM card on another phone and see if it is able to connect to the mobile network?

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