How to upload a video to IGTV from phone?

Launched recently, IGTV is the future of video consumption on Internet, as per some estimates, it is planned to be the main media used on Internet in general, and on Instagram in particular.

Upload a video to IGTV, Instagram TeleVision

Launched recently, IGTV is the future of video consumption on Internet, as per some estimates, it is planned to be the main media used on Internet in general, and on Instagram in particular.

Plus, the new IGTV offers amazing new features, such as the possibility to upload and view videos both in horizontal and in vertical format, and keeps features from the Instagram application, such as the possibility to  share uploads from Instagram to Facebook   for example.

Share story from Instagram to Facebook
IGTV: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram’s New Video Platform

IGTV is now a standalone app, and allows to upload longer videos, up to 10 minutes on IGTV for all accounts, and an hour for some accounts with larger following base, instead of only one minute, or sixty seconds, on the standard Instagram application.

How do I upload a video to IGTV? | Instagram Help Center

See below a full guide to install and upload a video to IGTV, as we did on a travel account.

1. How do you get IGTV? Install the IGTV application

The first step to be able to perform an IGTV video upload is to install the standalone IGTV app.

Download it for your mobile device on either the Apple store or the Android Play store, and install the application.

IGTV on the App Store - Apple
IGTV - Apps on Google Play

Once the application will have been installed on your phone, start it. By default, it will offer to logon on IGTV with the latest login used on the Instagram application.

If you want to use another Instagram account to access the IGTV application, use the  switch account on Instagram   IGTV link, that will lead you to the standard  switch account on Instagram   page.

2. IGTV video upload settings

Before jumping on uploading a video to IGTV, let's have a look at the most important settings.

In the linked accounts menu, it is possible to login to Facebook in order to share automatically there the uploaded videos.

Once logged, it should display by default the right Facebook page to which the video uploads will be shared, such as a  Facebook business page   or a Facebook personal page.

3. How do I upload a video to IGTV?

Start to upload a video to IGTV by tapping the plus icon on the top right corner of the application main screen, or by using the create a channel link in the settings.

If it is the first time using the application, the mobile device will most likely request for the IGTV application to access photos, media, and files on your device. Say yes, as the application will need to access your videos in order to upload them.

Then, navigate to the video you want to upload, for example by switching to folder view instead of seeing all videos from your phone.

The video will start playing as a preview, however, there is no action to do here, except verifying that you are working on the correct photo. Click next.

The next screen will let you select which cover picture should be used for the video, either by selecting a frame directly in the video, or by uploading a specific picture from your phone's gallery.

Finally, the last step in uploading a video on IGTV is to enter a video title, a video description, selecting if a video preview should be generated, and if the video should be shared on Facebook or not.

Once all the details have been entered and the options have been chosen, tap on post to start the IGTV video upload process.

4. IGTV video upload process

The video upload to IGTV will then start, and might take some time depending on your network connection and other elements.

IGTV video upload error message: We'll try again once there's a better connection

In case you are facing an error message such as that one with an  Instagram video upload stuck   on IGTV, do not panic - simply check your network connection, and continue the IGTV video by tapping on the round icon that means keep uploading.

Also, if for some reason your IGTV app crashes during the upload, it will resume as soon as you restart the IGTV application.

Instagram video upload stuck

If your IGTV  Instagram keeps crashing   then the best solution might be to reinstall the application.

Instagram keeps crashing

After that, the video upload should resume normally.

5. IGTV video upload successful

Once the video upload has been completed on IGTV, the video will be visible by everybody, including yourself!

Tap on the video to open it. From there, you'll have more options, most of them the same as your followers: like, comment, send as message, and display options.

The options are to delete the video from IGTV, copy a link to the video to share with your friends, edit the uploaded video, save the video to your phone, or get insights, meaning statistics from video consumption on IGTV.

Cannot upload video to IGTV

In case you are getting errors while trying to upload videos to IGTV, try to make sure that you are not having your  Instagram account blocked   because of too many actions in a short time, in which case you might want to  switch account on Instagram   to be able to upload video anyway, or to  delete Instagram account   to recreate it again in last resort.

Instagram account blocked
switch account on Instagram
delete Instagram account

If your IGTV Instagram keeps crashing, if you're getting the IGTV  Instagram video upload stuck   or an error message like the IGTV  Instagram action blocked   then you might want to switch from WiFi to mobile data, to restart your phone, or to reinstall the IGTV application.

Instagram keeps crashing
Instagram video upload stuck

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if video IGTV is not uploading?
If your IGTV video is not downloading, check your network connection and continue by clicking on the round icon to continue downloading. You can also restart the IGTV app.
What to do with the error Instagram We'll try again when there's a better connection?
When encountering the error message We'll try again when there's a better connection on Instagram, there are a few steps you can take to address the issue: Check your internet connection. Restart the app. Clear cache and data. Update the app. Try a different device. Contact Instagram support.
How to post IGTV video?
Open the Instagram app. Tap the + icon at the bottom center of the screen to create a new post. Swipe right until you get to IGTV and tap on it. Click Add from Camera Roll to select a video from your device's gallery, or click Record to record a n
What are the key considerations for optimizing video content for IGTV to ensure maximum engagement?
Considerations include ensuring proper video format and length, crafting engaging titles and descriptions, and understanding IGTV’s unique audience interaction.

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