How to Block Websites on Phone?

The World Wide Web has turned out to be a boon to any user. You can shop, watch videos, and carry out business activities right from your home. A majority of people use  a smartphone   to accomplish such chores on the go. However, the Internet isn't free from flaws. Many criminal-minded individuals use online platforms to attack your life in some form or other. Is there a solution to the problem? Of course! You can do that by blocking suspicious sites. However, the main question is - how to block websites on phone? There are a few options, including the usage of uMobix for this job.

How to block websites on phone?

Website blocking is the blocking of access to a specific Internet resource, or an entire group of websites. As a rule, content filters, browser extensions and firewalls are used to block sites. The choice depends on several factors: the difficulty of bypassing the lock, the flexibility of settings, ease of installation and price.

When it comes to blocking sites on your Smartphone, there are a couple of handy choices. As a user, you must get familiar with the available options to take the best course of action.

Blocking sites using a browser

Most surfers use a browser to visit websites. Some individuals use Chrome, whereas others use Internet Explorer or Safari. Using a browser is a matter of preference. However, malicious and suspicious links may pop up on any browser. You may want to block sites that you don’t feel comfortable with.

The good news is all browsers let you do that. Just open your browser and search for site blocking tools or options. You may even type the word site-blocking tool in the browser’s search box. That should return you the procedure. Follow each step and block sites that are suspicious.

However, there are some issues with browser blocking. For example, a particular link may pop up in your phone’s text message. You could accidentally click the link only to land in a myriad of problems. Then some intruders are smart enough to bypass browser blocking. So, you need an alternative option that works.

Blocking websites using uMobix

Instead of a browser extension, you may subscribe to uMobix to block sites. The app is simple and easy to use. All you’ve to do is sign up for a subscription and install the application on your phone. The process should finish within a matter of minutes.

The beauty of uMobix is it allows you to block sites no matter where it comes from. Whether the link comes as a part of a message or online browsing, the app will block it. In this way, it’ll keep you from pressing the link. Not just that, if the link comes masked or cloaked, uMobix will alert you about that. Accordingly, you may block the new link as well. Essentially, you get to surf the net more safely.

Benefits of blocking sites using uMobix

Before making any commitment, let's determine the popular reasons for blocking sites through this fantastic app. Many people surf the web for entertainment or other reasons. In the process, they stumble upon undesirable sites that contain adult content. If you get addicted to browsing such sites, it can impact your life negatively.

At times, you may come across links that seem suspicious. However, you may accidentally click those links when checking other sites on the go. When that happens, your privacy is at risk. Anything that’s stored on your phone could be accessed through Malware on such links.

Then some hackers post too-good-to-believe ads with a link. You can easily identify the given commercial as fake and would like to avoid clicking on those links. What if you press the link unconsciously? If so, you could lose your credit card details or end up emptying your bank account within moments.

No smart person would like to face such a situation. It’s advisable to act sensibly on time. This is where blocking certain sites on your phone comes in handy. The sooner you act, the safer your browsing activity will be. The good part is uMobix lets you do that effortlessly.

Bottom line

Mobile browsing can do wonders for your home and business chores. However you should be cautious about malicious and suspicious links that you stumble upon regularly. Instead of becoming a victim, it’s best to act wisely on time. You can easily block undesirable sites through your browser or by using uMobix. However, subscribing to uMobix is a much better bet for the reasons outlined above. Check the perks and features of the app at uMobix and make the best decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to silently block websites on a child's phone?
You can use special browser extensions or use the uMobix phone tracker app to block unwanted or dangerous websites. All you have to do is subscribe and install the app on your phone. The process should complete within a few minutes.
How to ban a website on your phone?
To block a website on your phone, follow these steps: use a website blocking app, configure your blocking options, blacklist the website, check the blocking, and set the settings to password protected. Some web browsers have built-in parental controls that allow you to block certain websites.
Are there built-in options for blocking websites on the phone?
Some phones offer built-in website blocking features without the need for third-party apps. To check if your phone has built-in website blocking features: Go to your phone's settings and look for options such as Content Restrictions, Parental Controls, or
What are the methods to block websites on smartphones for productivity or parental control, and how can they be implemented?
Methods include using built-in browser settings, parental control apps, or network-level blocking tools. Implementation varies by device and browser.

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