uMobix Review: Complete Cell Phone Tracker For Parents

Technological advances today make life easier for people, but bring with them many concerns, the risk that children run by having the ability to share conversations and images in real time with anyone, is a great danger that parents should avoid them, but fortunately, the same technology has allowed an invasion of applications designed to allow parents, and anyone to know, and control the activities that are performed from electronic devices, we will make a uMobix review, one of the most popular at the present time.

uMobix, what is it?

uMobix is primarily a parental control program designed to keep minors safe online.

It is important to understand that this application can provide full access to any device that can be used for different purposes and not always legal.

uMobix opinie is such that this solution is intended for all those who seek to obtain other people's personal information through  a smartphone   or tablet in a parental or personal context (eg unfaithful partner, etc.).

It is a special application for monitoring the wide variety of mobile devices that exist, with the main feature of not being just another application.

In this uMobix review we will cover the fundamental aspects of this popular tool, the advantages it offers, and the probable cons, or weak points.

What uMobix offers

To clearly understand the benefits of the uMobix application, it is necessary to clarify a very fashionable term, and that perhaps many have heard it named, or have seen it in the menu of the devices without knowing what it is, it is the parental control.

This control is an option that electronic devices are provided with, whose main purpose is oriented to prevent and establish access to sites to which the device has permission.

The name clearly alludes to the objective of the tool, to control the relatives, it is of great utility for parents and representatives, in this way they can restrict the devices of their children to malicious, disturbing sites, or not suitable so that the children can observe the contents that are spread in these places of the network.

Parental control offers the possibility of blocking devices from accessing sites and pages unwanted by parents, and controlling the execution of a variety of programs, but the dangers go far beyond what can be controlled from some options on the devices, which is the main reason why applications dedicated to controlling and monitoring what a person can do on an electronic device have emerged.

The problem is that not all the called spies, hacking, or monitoring applications have everything they can offer, and this is the point where you have to evaluate with conscience to decide which one to use, and this is where uMobix comes into the picture.

There are two essential words to define uMobix, Quality, and reliability, a sign of this, is the great preference it enjoys among the experts of monitoring for mobile devices, with this uMobix review allows you to see what this application offers:

  • Servers with greater stability in this type of platforms.
  • Constant functionality, it is a platform with a very outstanding fluidity, where the user does not require constant software restarts, nor is it affected by crashes or downtime of the uMobix site.
  • The installation of this application is a process that does not require great knowledge or skills.
  • The uMobix interface is very user friendly and simple, so that anyone without extensive knowledge is able to use it successfully.
  • It has a range of tools for efficient monitoring of any mobile device.
  • Full coverage of the user requirements features for monitoring devices.
  • Keylogger function
  • Compatibility with all types of iPhone, plus you do not need to have the device to install.
  • Compatibility with all Android devices from version 4.
  • When the application is installed on a device, it can not be detected, and does not affect the operation on the performance of the device.
  • Customer support, CFET, contact fast, efficient, and timely.
  • Unlimited subscription on Android, to switch devices.

Tools provided by uMobix

In the uMobix review, we find a number of outstanding tools, which provide great functionality of this application, including:

The administrator dashboard.

This is the main screen of the uMobix application, it is very friendly and very easy to use, in it, you have each of the tools that the platform offers, and you have the possibility to see in detail, and in an organized way each record.

In this interface the application can obtain information about the sites most frequented by the user, of all those with whom he shares through calls and messages, it also shows the technical information of the device that is being monitored.

Total access to the call log

The uMobix application offers this tool to have total control over all the calls that are generated and received in the monitored device, even having the possibility of missed calls, calls that have been rejected, and calls that have been deleted.

This tool offers an update every 5 minutes, providing very important information about each call, including contact names, phone numbers, time of the call, date, and time of the call.

Contacts List

Another advantageous tool offered by UMobix is the permanent supervision of the list of contacts of the device being monitored, providing the possibility to navigate freely in all the existing contacts in that mobile, being able to investigate the veracity of the information of each contact, and in this way protect the user of the device from possible dangers.

Tool to Visualize SMS messages

With this tool uMobix offers the possibility of accessing up to the texts written in each incoming message, and in each of the sent ones, as well as the numbers to which they are sent, and from which they are received, the dates, and the times, and there are also updates every 5 minutes, with the option of visualizing the deleted messages.

GPS location tool

The uMobix as spy software, provides the possibility of locating the place where the monitored device is located, and keeps a history of all the places where the device has been, and the routes where it has been with details of the time in each place, updating in real time the information of these locations.

Web browser history

With this tool the application offers a detailed and detailed report about the web activities of the mobile user that is monitored, where you know from the URLs visited, the times it has been visited, the date and time of each visit, also provides information of the sites visited in incognito mode.

Keylogger Function

This function arouses a lot of interest among users who want to know much more about what is done with a certain device. uMobix with this tool provides the opportunity to have a log that indicates each of the keys that have been pressed on the device, so you can easily discover the keys used, and everything that is written on the device that is monitored.

To access this function just enter the uMobix dashboard and look for the tab identified with Keylogger, once inside, you will have access to all kinds of text that has been written on the device, and you will know the applications where each text has been written, with date information, and time of what was written.

Tool for viewing photos and videos

Another beneficial function of uMobix, allows you to view every photo, and every video sent or received on the mobile, and all the related information, names, dates, and times, no matter where they are stored on the device, you can also view them if they are in the internal memory, or on a Micro SD.

With the same subscription, you can make an unlimited number of changes to the device to be monitored.

With the payment of a single subscription you have the possibility to monitor different devices, but having clear that only one at a time, you can install as many devices as you want with the same subscription.

Although every time you change the device to monitor you will have to install the application, it is very advantageous in case the person you are monitoring changes devices.

Tool to monitor social networks and messengers

To have access to this tool you need a subscription to the Full plan, with this uMobix gives you all the advantages of the Basic plan, plus access to all the information shared on social networks, and all the instant messaging applications used on the target device.

On iPhone devices, you will be able to monitor the activities on Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, while on Android devices you will have access to the same ones on iPhone, plus monitor Snapchat, Zoom, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, Skype, Hangouts, Kik, Tinder, Line, and TikTok.

From the UMobix control panel they are monitored by screenshot visualizations, with a record of each time these apps are opened, or closed.

Some disadvantages of uMobix

Continuing with the uMobix review, these are the possible cons of the application:

  • Conversations are recorded in an alphabetical, and chronological sequence, which prevents you from doing specific searches in a faster way.
  • The activation of the search function via GPS consumes a lot of battery.
  • The keylogger is a function only available for Android devices.
  • The main tools only work perfectly on Android devices, if they have been rooted, this is a process that allows you to modify some functions on these devices, and in the case of iPhone jailbreak is used to remove the factory limitations of the device.

What is technically required to install uMobix?

Making the uMobix review, it is found that it is an application compatible with any type of device, from Android 4.0 onwards, prior to rooting to enjoy all the functions efficiently, and any iPhone version, with the execution of the jailbreak.

How much does uMobix cost?

To finish with the uMobix review, we talk about the cost of subscriptions, which are very competitive compared to other applications of this style, having relatively inexpensive options such as the Full Pack plan, this can reach a minimum daily cost of only $0.39, if you choose the option of a year, having other alternatives, such as 3 months for $27.99 per month, also very attractive if you think about the daily cost of $0.93, and the subscription for a month at a cost of $49.99 per month.

★★★★⋆ uMobix cell phone tracker uMobix cell phone tracking is an easy-to-use and complete tracking solution to make sure your child is safe, and gives you all tools necessary to ensure it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track track phone location the child's?
Use the uMobix spy app. It is primarily a parental control program designed to keep minors safe online. You will be able to control the actions performed from your child's phone.
Can I use uMobix on iPhone?
No, you cannot use uMobix on iPhone. uMobix is not compatible with iOS devices. It is a monitoring and tracking software designed specifically for Android devices. If you want to monitor an iPhone, you would need to explore other options or software specifically designed for iOS.
What are the best phone trackers for parents?
There are several phone trackers available that are suitable for parents. Here are some of the best options uMobix, Family Locator, Life360, FamiSafe, Find My iPhone/Find My Device, mSpy. When choosing a phone tracker, consider factors such as compatibili
What features does umobix offer for parental monitoring, and how does it balance monitoring with children’s privacy?
umobix offers features like location tracking, message and call monitoring, and app usage insights. Balancing monitoring with privacy involves transparent use and focusing on safety over intrusive surveillance.

uMobix Review And Complete Demo: Cell Phone Tracker For Parents

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