MMS picture messages won't sent on Android phone

To be able to send or receive an MMS picture text message, an active working mobile data connection is necessary, as the MMS picture messages are sent over the standard phone network, and cannot be sent with a WiFi connection for example.

How to solve picture message not sent

To be able to send or receive an MMS picture text message, an active working  mobile data   connection is necessary, as the MMS picture messages are sent over the standard phone network, and cannot be sent with a  WiFi connection   for example.

There are several ways to check that the mobile network connection is properly working, see below or to troubleshoot an MMS picture message not sent.

Power off and check mobile connection

Start by restarting your device, to make sure that the phone has no issue with active applications which could prevent a picture message MMS from being sent out.

Then, when the phone is back up, double check that the  mobile data   connection is working and has been activated.

In the menu Settings > more > cellular networks, verify that the  mobile data   option is activated, and that the data roaming option is activated as well, in case you are trying to send an MMS from abroad.

Then, in menu settings > data usage, deactivate the data limit, or change the data limit in case you have a limit setup and it has been reached.

Again, it is necessary to have a working  mobile data   connection on  the Android phone   to be able to send MMS picture message, as they are sent through the standard mobile network, and cannot by sent out via WiFi Internet.

Setup an APN access point

It is necessary to have an access point name, also called APN, setup on the phone to be able to send a picture text message.

In order to setup an APN, go to Settings > more > cellular networks > access points names.

There, if there is no  Access Point Name   selected, setup up one and simply call it internet, with APN setup as internet as well.

That's all, the APN is setup.

Network provider check and factory reset

When previous solutions did not work and it is still not possible to send a text message, the issue must be checked with the network provider.

Contact your mobile network carrier, and check if there is any reason why you cannot use mobile Internet. Have you reached the spend limit, or maybe it is not allowed to use mobile Internet from another country?

If the mobile internet is properly working, the last option is to perform a phone's factory reset, by going to Settings > backup and reset > factory data reset.

Proceed carefully, as all data on your Android smartphone will be deleted with this operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if I cannot send picture messages?
The first thing to start with is to reboot the device to make sure that there are no problems with active applications on the phone that may prevent the transmission of an MMS message with an image. Next, when the phone is restored, check again if the mobile connection is working and turned on.
Why do picture messages won't send?
Picture messages may fail to send due to several reasons. Here are a few common explanations: Connectivity Issues; File Size Limitations; Incorrect APN Settings; MMS Settings; Software or App Issues; Restricted Data Usage.
Why can't I receive picture messages on my Android?
There may be several reasons why you cannot receive multimedia messages on your Android device. Insufficient mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. Invalid APN settings. Disabled mobile data or MMS settings. Incompatible messaging app. Full internal storage. Pr
What common issues prevent MMS messages from sending on Android, and how can they be resolved?
Issues include network problems, incorrect APN settings, or messaging app glitches. Solutions involve checking network connectivity, verifying MMS settings, or restarting the phone.

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