How to recover broken screen Android data in 4 steps?

If you Android phone screen is broken, do not panic, it is still possible to retrieve phone’s data, using a specific software and by connecting the phone to a computer through USB.

Recover broken screen Android data in 4 steps

If you Android phone screen is broken, do not panic, it is still possible to retrieve phone’s data, using a specific software and by connecting the phone to a computer through USB.

Breaking your Android phone screen does not necessarily mean that the data is lost or corrupted, depending on how bad the phone is broken. If your screen is also locked, see also how to  unlock an Android phone   after having recovered the data.

In most cases, simply not being able to use the Android screen anymore because it is broken still means that all information on the phone is still accessible – wait and try below solution before a  factory reset Android phone   that would definitely wipe out all data.

See below how to recover broken screen Android data in a few easy steps.

1- Download dr.fone Android data recovery software

Download the dr.fone Android data recovery software according to your computer, either Windows or Apple Mac.

Once downloaded, install the software on your computer to be able to start the data recovery process.

2- Plug in phone and start the software

Launch the software, which will automatically detect if any phone is connected to the computer via an USB cable. If no phone is connected, it will display an appropriate message.

Once the smartphone has been connected to the computer, it will automatically be detected. Selected the recover from broken phone option on the left hand side menu to proceed.

You can then select which data to recover from the broken screen Android data, such as contacts, messages, call history,  WhatsApp messages   and attachments, Photos, audio, videos, and documents, and click next to proceed with the broken screen phone data recovery.

3- Scan for files

The next step will be to select the type of damage that occurred to your phone, either touch doesn’t work or cannot access the phone – in which case the next step might be a factory reset Android phone, or a black/broken screen.

You will then be requested to select the exact phone model, as the operation might have collateral damage in case the wrong procedure is applied. It currently only support Samsung phones at this time, but more phone models will be added in the future for data recovery after broken screen or locked phone.

4- Recover files

The data that has been retrieved from the locked phone or broken screen phone will then be displayed on screen.

You can either choose to download whole data from the phone, or select manually the data to recover.

The data will have been downloaded on the computer, and the dr.fone software will ask for $50 to proceed with the data recovery.

However, as data is already on the computer, there is another way to use it: by using ADB, the Android Debug Bridge Utility.

For the data, once ADB has been installed, simply use below command to recover broken screen Android data:

adb pull /sdcard 

As ADB includes a root access, it is even possible to activate once and for all the USB debug by editing below file, and adding your own public ADB key.

Manually enable ADB debugging from recovery
How to solve ADB device unauthorized in Android ADB host device?

After that, simply reboot to have it working.

It is even possible to control the mobile phone without screen with below software – however, this might only be a solution for advanced users.

scrcpy: application provides display and control of Android devices connected on USB (or over TCP/IP). It does not require any root access. It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and macOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to transfer data from a broken phone?
In order to transfer data from a broken phone, download Dr.Fone Android data recovery software, connect your phone and run the program, scan and restore files.
Is it possible to extract data from broken Android phone on iPhones?
No, it is not possible to extract data from a broken Android phone using an iPhone. Android and iOS are two different operating systems with different file systems and encryption methods. Therefore, you would need specialized software and hardware designed specifically for extracting data from a broken Android phone.
How to restore data from broken phone to a new phone?
If you used a Google or Apple account on the broken phone, sign in to the same account on the new phone. Synchronizing your account will restore various data such as contacts, calendar events, emails, and app data (if it has been backed up). Look for thir
What are the steps to retrieve data from an Android device with a broken screen?
Steps include connecting to a PC, using Android control apps or ADB commands, accessing cloud backups, or seeking professional data recovery services.

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 2022-05-25 -  Jedar
Hi, are there any software options other than dr.fone? This does not seem to work.
 2022-05-25 -  admin
@Jedar Yes, you can use ReiBoot to recover data from an Android phone with a broken screen. »  More information on this link

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