The Parental Control Android Devices Should Have

Are you worried about your children's safety on the Internet?

95% of children from the ages of 3 to 18 have access to the Internet thanks to its increasing availability. While it allows them to learn about the world and how it works, access to the Internet through mobile devices can be detrimental to our children's mental well-being.

Misinformation, vulgar language, and indecent websites can affect how they view the world. Meanwhile, strangers and online predators can target them for abuse or blackmail. It's because of these that you must look into the parental control Android devices should have from the get-go.

Wondering what you can do to establish these parental controls on your children's devices? Check out eyeZy, the most powerful phone monitoring app around. Here are some of the features you can look forward to with the app.

A Peek at Their Messages

The moment you take a look at your children's phones to see their messages, they will immediately make you a suspicious parent. It can affect the family dynamic and push them towards their rebellious phase. You'll need the utmost discretion to protect the family's interests, and eyeZy can do that for you.

All you need to do is install eyeZy on their device and into yours. The app then hides itself, so the kids will never know it's installed there in the first place. eyeZy constantly runs in the background while using as little processing power as possible.

The app's Social Spotlight feature then allows you to see all their sent, received, and even deleted messages. Knowing what's going on in your kids' lives will never be easier with this. eyeZy also allows you to take a peek at their social media messages to see if there's something going on there.

The app also allows you to look into their call logs. You can find out who they've talked to and for how long with this. If you find something alarming, the app can save a screenshot or record the entire screen for you to use as evidence later on.

An Inside Look at Their Personal Lives

If messages aren't enough for you to go on, eyeZy allows you to take a deeper look at their files and activities. Files Finder is a feature that shows you what your children have saved on their phones. Videos, text documents, and photos aren't safe from your eyes once you've installed eyeZy.

Is your child technologically adept? If so, then they may know how to hide files or apps from prying eyes. You'd fall for these tricks if you didn't have eyeZy installed on both your devices.

Files Finder also allows you to search for hidden apps on their devices. With this, you can confront them about anything on their phone that you don't approve of.

The app also has a way to help you see what they have planned. You can go into their Calendar app to see what notes they wrote in there. Coming up with an excuse to stop them from going with their plan is easy from here on out.

Constant Location Tracking

Does your child refuse to give you updates on their whereabouts? As they grow older, children often stray away from their parents to have some independence. When this happens, they often stay out late without telling you what they're up to or where they are.

With the help of this app, you'll have no problem pinpointing their location any time you wish. You can rest easy knowing where they are in your area. The app also has a feature called Magic Alerts.

Magic Alerts allows the app to send you signals when your children's device crosses a specified border. It's a lot like Geo-Fencing, where Wi-Fi networks in a specific area can send alerts directly to your phone. You can also use this feature to alert you when your children are accessing specific websites or apps.

Install eyeZy and Improve on the Existing Parental Control Android Devices Have

In fact, with Android's parental controls settings, you can block the purchase and download of content on Google Play that does not meet certain age restrictions, as well as fully control your child's activities on the phone.

To help parents, there was a specially app - Eyezy, that will carry out the same control.

With the help of eyeZy, you need not worry about the parental control Android devices have by default. The app will improve and expand on its parental control features, allowing you to rest easy as your child explores the Internet. Try it now and find out what other features eyeZy has in store for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the eyeZy app?
eyeZy is an effective phone spy app that will help you keep an eye on your kids discreetly. The application allows you to see all their sent, received and even deleted messages, social media messages, allows you to view their call logs, you can take a screenshot or record the entire screen, and dig deeper into their files and activities.
How to set parental control on Android phones?
Open the Settings app on the Android device. Look for the Digital Wellbeing & parental controls or Parental controls option and tap on it. If you don't find the above option, search for Parental controls in the Settings search bar. Set up a parental control PIN or password if prompted. Select the user profile or device you want to set controls for. Enable the parental control features you desire. Customize the settings based on your preferences and the needs of your child. Test the settings to ensure they work as intended and make adjustments if necessary.
What is the cost of EyeZy app?
EyeZy is an advanced phone monitoring software that makes the most of artificial intelligence to track someone else's phone on a larger scale. Current tariff plans: 1 month - 47.86 $ / month. 3 months - $27.99 / month 12 months - 10.00 $ / month
What essential parental control features should be present on Android devices to ensure child safety?
Essential features include app usage restrictions, content filtering, time management controls, and location tracking for safety purposes.

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