How to get rid of voicemail notification icon on Android?

When a voicemail arrives, it happen that the notification is stuck on the phone, even after having listened to the voicemail and deleted it.

Turn off voicemail notification on Android

When a voicemail arrives, it happen that the notification is stuck on the phone, even after having listened to the voicemail and deleted it.

When the voicemails have been listened to, but the notification does not disappear, simply follow below steps to get rid of the voicemail notifications on your Android smartphone.

Voicemail notification

After a voicemail is left on your Android mobile phone, a voicemail notification icon appears on the notification area of the Android phone.

The icon is supposed to disappear after the voicemails have been taken care off, but that is not always the case, and it might happen that even after having listened to the voicemail, and deleted the message from the voicemail, the notification still appears.

Get rid of voicemail notification on Android

The first solution which can be tried out, is to leave yourself a voicemail from another phone. It should refresh the voicemail notification, and most likely let the voicemail icon disappear from the phone.

Of course, the new voicemail must also have been listened to and deleted.

If that solution doesn't get rid of the notification, see our second solution.

How to clear voicemail notification icon

Long tap on the voicemail notification, and a box with a possibility open the app info should appear.

Once on the application info, there will be a box called clear data.

Tap on that option to delete the phone application data.

A confirmation box should pop up, to ask you for your permission to delete the app data.

This will not only get rid of the notification, but also of the call log and other information stored by the phone app.

After having deleted the app data, the phone voicemail notification icon should have disappeared from the notification area.

The new voicemail notification stuck can only disappeared by two different ways, either by listening to the voicemails to clear voicemail notification Android phone, or by deleting the telephony service app data, which will get rid of the Android voicemail notification.

The Android voicemail notification issue appears when a new voicemail notification stuck in the notification tray appears, and can be difficult to solve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is voicemail icon on Android?
The voicemail icon on Android can be seen after the voicemail is left on your Android mobile phone, the voicemail notification icon will appear in the Android phone notification area.
What to do if the voicemail icon disappeared Android?
If the voicemail icon has disappeared on your Android device, here are a few steps you can take to try: Restart your device; Check your app drawer; Reset app preferences; Clear cache and data; Update the voicemail app; Contact your service provider.
How to get rid of voicemail notification?
To get rid of the voicemail notification, dial your voicemail number. Follow the instructions to access your voice mail. Once you're in your voicemail inbox, listen to the messages and delete any unread ones. After deleting all messages, follow the instru
What actions can be taken to remove a persistent voicemail notification icon on Android?
Removing the icon may involve checking voicemail to clear messages, restarting the phone, or clearing the phone app’s cache and data.

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Hello, I want to know when to Delete Voicemail on LG K4 cell - Thank you very much
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Dear Isabelle, to delete a voicemail on an LG 4K cellphone: On the home screen, select the application icon then voicemail, select the message to erase, and choose delete. »  More information on this link

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