Apple iPhone wont send texts? Here’s the fix

When having issues with text messages or iMessage from an Apple iPhone, it is most likely coming from a software issue and can be solved easily with below quick fix.

How to fix Apple iPhone wont send texts

When having issues with text messages or iMessage from an Apple iPhone, it is most likely coming from a software issue and can be solved easily with below quick fix.

Turn iMessage OFF

First of all, find out where there the problem is exactly, as it can be either form iMessage or from the standard text messages:

Go to Settings > Messages and shut iMessage off.

When iMessage is off, try sending a message.

If you are able to send a message, then the problem is with iMessage. It is important now to check that the Internet connection is working when using iMessage. If no Internet available, it is better to turn off iMessage to stay in the clear. If an Internet connection is always available, then check these steps to have the iMessage working again:

Sign out of iMessage by going into Settings > Messages > Send & Receive, tapping your Apple ID, then tapping Sign Out.

Restart the Apple iPhone

Turn the Apple iPhone off and back on again,

Go to Settings > Messages and select Use your Apple ID for iMessage,

Try the iMessage with a new test sending a text message.

Reset network settings

If that didn’t work out, then the next step would be to reset the network settings:

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Recreate the contact

Make sure the recipient contacts info are correct,

Check that the phone number and email address are correct. It might be necessary to delete the contact from the phone, and add it again as a new contact with the right phone number, including the country code.

In the Settings > Messages > Blocked check that the recipient is not on blocked list, in which case it has to be removed from the list.

Shall the issue still exist for a specific contact, delete all conversations with him, and try to restart the Apple iPhone, it should normally then work out.

Go to Settings > General > Software Updates to make sure that all software are up to date, and, if not, apply all the possible updates.

Further help

If nothing worked, then the phone should be reset, or you should take it to a professional as it might be due a serious hardware issue.

Why my Iphone won’t send texts

If your Iphone won’t send texts, the issue is most likely coming from iMessage.

Solve the issue by going to Settings > Messages, select Send & receive, and see if your phone number is displayed.

If you do not see your phone number, solve the issue with your iPhone that won’t send texts by linking your phone number with your AppleID.

Solution for Iphone won’t send texts
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset iMessage if iPhone won't send texts?
If you need a reboot, turn your Apple iPhone off and on again, then go to Settings > Messages and select Use your Apple ID for iMessage. And try iMessage with the new text message send test.
Why iPhone messages won't send?
There can be several reasons why iPhone messages may not send. Here are some common causes: poor network connection; airplane mode or Do Not Disturb mode enabled; incorrect date and time settings; insufficient storage space; software issues or glitches; problems with the recipient's device.
Why message send failure iMessage?
Failures to send messages in iMessage can occur for various reasons. Some common causes include network problems, Apple server issues, incorrect contact information, Disabled iMessage, Blocked contacts, Software or device problems.

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