How to solve my number on Apple iPhone is wrong?

Learn how to resolve the issue of incorrect phone numbers in iPhone Messages and iMessage. This guide explains how to update your number, use multiple numbers, and fix related problems for seamless messaging.

Change Apple iPhone phone number

When the messages sent through iMessage from your device appear with another phone number than the one it should be, it is simply because the Apple iPhone is still configured to use an old phone number, in case you recently changed the SIM card, or a wrong number, in case it has been enter incorrectly.

In the options Settings > Messages > Send & Receive, select the Apple ID and sign out of your account.

Check the phone number

In Settings > Phone > My Number, double check that the number is correct, and, if that is not the case, change it to put the correct number.

After that, restart your Apple iPhone for the changes to take effect.

Shut iMessage off

Go Settings > Messages > iMessage, turn off iMessage.

Afterwards, restart your Apple iPhone. When you are back on-line, turn iMessage on again.

On the Send & Receive menu, put your Apple ID to login to you account, and check that the right phone number is being used in Start new conversations from. The option also has to be checked.

How to solve iMessage wrong number

When iMessage has a wrong number, the easy way to fix it is to go to settings > messages > turn iMessage off > turn off iPhone > turn on iPhone > go to settings > messages > turn iMessage on.

After doing this trick, the phone will reactivate iMessage with the correct settings, which should include the right phone number to associate with the phone.

How to change your iMessage phone number
iMessage Displays The Wrong Phone Number, fix - AppleToolBox

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my iPhone has wrong number or the correct one?
Try sending a message via iMessage from your device to a friend's number. Next, look from which number your friend will receive a message. If the number is incorrect, then follow the instructions above.
How can I update or correct the phone number associated with my iMessage account?
To update or correct your phone number for iMessage, go to your iPhone's Settings, scroll down to Messages, and tap on Send & Receive. In this menu, if your number is incorrect or missing, sign out of your Apple ID by tapping on the email address and selecting Sign Out. Afterward, restart your iPhone. Once it has restarted, navigate back to Settings, then Messages, and Send & Receive. Sign in with your Apple ID, and your correct phone number should now appear.
Why is my iPhone using my email address instead of my phone number for iMessage?
If your iPhone uses your email address instead of your phone number for iMessage, there might be a problem with your phone number being recognized or properly linked to your Apple ID. You can update or correct your phone number by following the steps provided in the answer to the first question.
Can I use multiple phone numbers and email addresses for iMessage on a single iPhone?
You can use multiple phone numbers and email addresses for iMessage on one iPhone. To add more email addresses, access Settings, then Messages, and Send & Receive. Tap Add Another Email and enter the desired email address. To add another phone number, you need a secondary SIM card or eSIM with a different phone number installed on your iPhone. The secondary number will automatically appear in the Send & Receive settings when active, allowing you to use it with iMessage.
How to find my number on iPhone?
To find your phone number on an iPhone, go to the Settings app and scroll down to Phone. Your phone number should be listed at the top of the My Number section. If your phone number is not listed or is incorrect, you may need to contact your carrier to update your account information.
What does it mean - number not registered to iPhone?
The phrase number not registered to iPhone typically refers to an error message displayed on an iPhone when attempting to make a phone call or send a text message from a phone number that is not associated with the iPhone's SIM card or cellular network.
What steps should be taken when the phone number displayed in an iPhone's settings is incorrect?
Steps include updating the carrier settings, reinserting the SIM card, or resetting the phone settings.

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