Unlock Android with Google Find My Device

Unlock Android with Google Find My Device. Google FindMyDevice (Translation: find my device) is an application designed to remotely control your phone in case of loss.
Unlock Android with Google Find My Device

Android is a modern platform that allows you to transform your smartphone and tablet into a real pocket computer. In addition, the Android OS is easy to manage. 86% of smartphones sold worldwide in the second quarter of 2014 had the Android operating system installed.

Sometimes there is an urgent need to unlock my Google device, then the Internet comes to your rescue. But as practice shows, the most useful application is Google find my device.

Unlock Android with Google Find My Device

Google FindMyDevice (Translation: find my device) is an application designed to remotely control your phone in case of loss. For the application to work correctly, a number of conditions must be met:

  • The device must be turned on
  • The device must have Internet access
  • It must have an associated Google account and be available in the Play Market
  • Find My Device and Location must also be enabled

Main functions of the application

Google Find My Device is capable of displaying the location on the map, with an accuracy of 100 m. If the device is not far away, you can send a sound signal to it, which will be effective for 5 minutes. This time will be enough to search for a device nearby.

But if the phone is definitely lost, then access to it for remote persons can be closed. When using this function, the device will be locked. The unlock code is specified by the owner. Also, you can display a message asking you to return the phone, as well as indicate a contact number.

But if the phone could not be found, then you can erase all data from it. This is useful when you have sensitive, personal information. When erasing data about the phone, access to the location through Find My Device will stop, the phone will be reset, and when trying to configure it, the attacker will see a window asking to enter the Google account.

How to use the app

Using Google Find My Device is easy. First, you need to use another Android or Windows device. If using Android:

  1. Log in to the same account as on your lost phone
  2. Find and open the Find My Device app. In case of absence, download it from the Play Market
  3. After logging into the account and the application, a list of devices that can be called, blocked or deleted from them will be displayed.
Google Find My Device Android app on the Play Store
When using Windows:
  1. Go to Google and type Find my device.
  2. Follow the first link to the official Google website.
  3. Sign in to the Google account you use on your lost phone.
  4. The site will display devices, a map and a list of manipulations with them.
Google Find My Device web page

How to Unlock Android Find My Device

This is also easy to do.

With normal blocking, a person is asked to provide a password, PIN-code or pattern for unlocking. When the device is found, the owner simply enters his password and gains access to the phone.

If all information was deleted from the phone, then it will be a little more difficult to restore access. When you reset the phone not through the settings, but indirectly (Hard Reset Menu or Find My Device), then FRP protection is triggered, which is almost impossible to bypass. In this case, to unlock your smartphone, you need to log into your Google account.

Google Find My Device phone location page

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock phone with Find My Device?
To unlock your smartphone, you need to sign in with your Google account. When necessary and your device is found in the application, the owner simply enters his password and gets access to the phone.
Can Google unlock phone remotely?
Yes, Google can remotely unlock Android phones, but only under certain circumstances. For example, if a user has enabled Google's Find My Device feature and their phone is linked to their Google account, they can use the feature to remotely lock or erase their device.
How to unlock my device with Google account?
Enter the wrong pattern, PIN, or password on your device several times. You should see an option to unlock with your Google account. Click on it. Enter the email address associated with your Google account and the corresponding password. If the credential
How does Google’s Find My Device assist in unlocking an Android phone, and what are its limitations?
It helps by locking the phone remotely with a new password. Limitations include the need for the phone to be turned on and connected to the internet.

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