What Are Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers?

What Are Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers?

The issue of anonymity on the Internet has always been very acute, but with the advent of social networks and special applications, the situation has become even more difficult. So how do you watch Instagram stories anonymously?

Anonymous viewing of Instagram stories using special sites

This is a very convenient and secure method that works on any device. You do not need to download something and connect your account, since the main task of such developments is to respect the complete privacy of the user. These sites include:

All these sites work on approximately the same principle. By adding a link to the user's page, you will see a list of all his stories and can view them anonymously.

Best anonymous Instagram spy appsImagePriceDownload
EyeZy: best private Instagram viewerEyeZy: best private Instagram viewer$
Glassagram, the easiest way to view Instagram stories anonymouslyGlassagram, the easiest way to view Instagram stories anonymously$
StoriesDown: Instagram Story Viewer & DownloaderStoriesDown: Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader$

This method will only help with public profiles, that is, if the account is hidden from prying eyes, and to get into the account without a subscription, you will not be able to view the user's history anonymously.

Glassagram, the easiest way to view Instagram stories anonymously

Using the Glassagram anonymous story viewer, it is possible for free in a few clicks to view anonymously the public posts and stories from any account.

Simply open the Glassagram website on a Web browser, select the free trial option, and paste the full URL of an Instagram account, such as https://www.instagram.com/y_b_digital/

After a few seconds of background work, you will be able to browse the latest posts and stories from that account, see them, play the videos, and even download the Instagram pictures and videos from that account.

EyeZy: best private Instagram viewer

You can go even further than simply checking anonymous stories by using a spy app such as EyeZy, that will give you access to all messages exchanged on a phone.

With such an app installed, you will be able to view their chats, including secret messages they don’t want you to see. You can also see their pics, that have been sent and received on Instagram and other apps.

How to watch Instagram stories from a fake account

Another convenient and reliable way to view other people's stories anonymously.

It will take you a few minutes to create a new profile. Just click on your username at the top of your page, select “Add account”, and then follow the prompts that Instagram will give.

One of the advantages of this method is that the mobile application for Instagram has the ability to quickly, even instantly, switch between user accounts. It works at the click of a button, you don't need to enter login information again and get confused with logins and passwords from accounts.

Another interesting point: when registering, you can use the same phone number to which the main account is linked. Only under no circumstances should you add a Facebook profile to your fake account, otherwise the entire mission will fail. For reliability, you can close your account from prying eyes using a special function, which today is available in almost all popular social networks.

But, this method, like the first, is far from ideal, since in this way you can view only those profiles that are open for general viewing. Of course, you can try to subscribe to a closed account from a fake one, but there is a possibility that this may raise certain suspicions.

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously with Android and IOS Apps

Such applications work as follows: you connect your Instagram account (do not be alarmed, since all similar solutions require this permission), find the desired profile through the search and watch its stories.

It is important to understand that connecting your account to third-party applications carries certain risks. As a result, it can be hacked or blocked, so it is not recommended to perform these actions from your main profile, in such a case it is better to have a fallback. In addition, one cannot exclude the possibility that the program will one day change the rules and stop working anonymously. Therefore, it is worth logging into these applications only if you are ready to risk the main profile.

On the one hand, by connecting your account to one of the programs listed below, you can anonymously view the history of even closed profiles in it. But only if you are a subscriber.

ReShare Story

This program works only after connecting the Instagram profile. The Android version allows you to view any stories for free. On IOS, you can watch for free only those stories that have been uploaded recently, but if you are interested in the Actual section, then you will have to buy a paid version of the program, which costs $ 10.

Story Saver

This program allows you to view all stories for free, including the Relevant section, however, for this program, authorization through your Instagram account is also required.

Profile Plus +

This application, unlike the previous versions, does not require an Instagram account to be connected. But here, too, there are some restrictions - for free and without any additional restrictions, you can view only those stories that were posted no more than 24 hours ago. To get access to Actual, the user will have to subscribe to a paid subscription, which costs $ 10.

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously using the Telegram bot

Users of the unique social network Telegram can anonymously view stories through the insta-spy bot (@IGSpyBot). To get started, just send a link to the desired profile to the bot and select the Stories item. Only the last three publications can be viewed for free. To have more access, you need to purchase a special paid subscription, it costs $ 219, at the current exchange rate it is $ 2.97. The subscription is made for a month.

It should be said that the bot can only show the stories of public accounts. Stories will be sent to the bot itself in GIF format, go to Instagram to view them.

Anonymous viewing of stories on Instagram itself cannot be configured in any way. The social network has a special views counter that will quickly show all visits. Moreover, you can find out exactly who and from which account viewed the story cards.

However, through special services and applications and Telegram chat bots, you can view other people's profiles completely secret.

There are a lot of services for viewing Instagram stories incognito. But they are able to maintain their performance for a very short time. Those that were previously used by people today do not fulfill their functions. Applications that previously did not require authorization through an Instagram account now actively request this item, and without it, it will not work to get closer to the main goal - anonymous viewing of other users' stories.

Twin sites iGrab and Instasaved

The sites are made quite simply and without any frills, however, these sites perform their functions just fine. To use these resources, you need to download them to your computer. And already inside the program itself, you need to enter the full name of the profile without @ and click the Download button.


Anonymstories_bot is the perfect option for those who want to keep their privacy while browsing posts, posts and more on Instagram. This program is a real find for those who want to hide their identity and their activity in social networks.

This program differs from the others in that with its help you can not only view stories anonymously, but also IGTV videos. This posting format has long been popular on Instagram, so you can also find a lot of interesting things there, especially if viewed anonymously.

However, there is a certain nuance here, which cannot be corrected in any way - you can view only the last 12 publications.

Telegram bot @instagent_bot

This chat bot is much more interesting compared to the one that was written about in this article a little earlier. The uniqueness of this bot lies in the fact that it will not only allow you to view stories anonymously, but also provide access to the following functions:

  • Watching broadcasts;
  • IGTV videos;
  • Viewing posts;
  • Access to the section Actual.

This bot is also convenient in that the last accounts are added to specially thought out buttons. This is necessary for further fast search.

This bot has a paid function that allows you to subscribe to accounts, and thus, the user will receive new posts automatically directly to the bot. The bot has a trial version that you can try for only 99 rubles, at the current exchange rate it is $ 1.34.

Apps for smartphones to view Instagram stories anonymously

There are significantly fewer working applications for spy viewing of Instagram stories. Now all similar programs that are still working, without fail, request an account login before starting work.

The developers of such software regarding this policy of use refer to the fact that, supposedly, using authorization in the account, you can easily view the stories of friends. However, this is most likely due to the requirements of Instagram.

1. Story Saver +.

This application will ask its user to log into the account, but you can watch Instagram stories anonymously. In addition, with the help of this program, you can easily and simply download pictures from posts, videos from stories and IGTV. As a bonus, you can even save a live broadcast. The developers have taken care of the availability of a premium version of the program, with the purchase of which the user gets even more options. For example, it will be possible to view Trending, as well as download stories.

2. NoSeen.

The name of the program speaks for itself. In principle, the program is no different from other programs in this area, and works only for anonymous viewing of stories, there are no more functions in it. However, there are still a few interesting points:

  • you can see the time of the last published story;
  • viewed stories go down the page and become translucent color, which helps not to get confused when viewing;
  • it is possible to add several of your accounts and quickly switch between them. When a user views stories using this program, they can:
  • download it to your phone;
  • view information on it: date and time of publication;
  • send a story to a friend, he will be sent an instant screenshot of the screen.

List of ways to access anonymous Instagram story viewers

There are even more ways to view Instagram stories anonymously, and this list of Top Rated Private Instagram Viewers and Tools is exhaustive:

  1. Use 3rd party Instagram viewer tools, as listed above,
  2. Use Instagram online hacks
  3. Use Google Images
  4. Send a follow request
  5. Create another private account
  6. View stories from tagged locations or included hashtags

Options with browser extensions

Good news for those using browsers like Opera or Google Chrome. It is for these browsers that special extensions have been created that will allow you to anonymously view Instagram stories. Let's consider them in more detail.

Stories for Instagram - extension.

This is a great alternative to the sites discussed earlier in this article. To get started, you just need to install the extension in your browser and add it to your toolbar. A list of all extensions can be found in Settings, but as a rule, the user will immediately see it in the upper right corner of the browser. Expanding the list of installed extensions, you can pin the desired one with a special button. Now, next to the browser extensions icon, the user will see the icon of the desired program. Further, the algorithm of actions will be as follows: go to your Instagram page through a browser; click on the instagram stories icon, after which a tab with a new working window will open. But expansion can do more than just that. She will be able to show a person's profile if you click on the account picture, and not on the eye. You can also upload an image from your computer to Instagram Stories through the special “Upload” tab. In addition, the program will show images at the location tag.

How to anonymously view private profile Instagram stories

Apps and services make it possible to view other people's photos only if the account of this user is public, that is, it is not hidden from strangers.

It is impossible to watch the stories of a closed account on Instagram. The only way in this situation is to create a second account and browse from it. Important! When registering, you cannot enable synchronization with contacts, otherwise all friends will be able to find out who owns the account. It is also not worth synchronizing with Facebook - the operation will fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make views Instagram stories anonymous?
In order to view stories on Instagram anonymously, you can use special applications. For example EyeZy, Glassagram, StoriesDown. These are simple and effective ways to browse Instagram stories anonymously
How does Instagram story viewers work?
Instagram story viewers are generated by the Instagram algorithm which takes into account various factors such as the user's activity and engagement with the account, their relationship with the account holder, and the content of the story itself. The algorithm then prioritizes and displays the story to the user's followers and other potential viewers based on these factors.
Is it possible to find out who my story viewer anonymous is?
No, it is not possible to find out who your anonymous story viewer is on platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. These platforms prioritize user privacy and do not provide a feature to reveal the identity of individuals who view your stories anonymously.
How can Instagram users interpret and respond to anonymous viewers in their story analytics?
Anonymous viewers could indicate public interest or bot activity; users should focus on engaging known followers and enhancing privacy settings if needed.

How to view stories anonymously on Instagram and download pictures and videos?

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