How to make an Instagram best nine

Simply use a website that will generate the best 9 collage for you, or download an app to do it on your smartphone.

Best nine 2019

Simply use a website that will generate the best 9 collage for you, or download an app to do it on your smartphone.

How to make the best nine on Instagram

If you have used Instagram last year, you have most likely already seen some accounts sharing at end of the year their best nine pictures of the year, with a count of their number of posts over the year and even the total sum of likes for the year, either in 2017, or maybe in 2016.

See below how to generate for yourself this kind of post, which is generally called a bestinine Instagram.

It might be a surprise, but the bestinnine is not a native or addon app for Instagram, such as boomerang was some time ago, before it was integrated in Instagram stories as a standard function. It is a website that will generate the picture for you, or an application that you can download on your smartphone to generate the picture.

It is even possible to create the best nine of any Instagram account, as all you have to do is give the Instagram handle of the account, and it will generate the best of nine for that account, even if you are not the account owner.

To do so, several options are offered to you, and two main apps are offering the service, BestNine and TopNine:

Bestnine2019 website
2017bestnine Android application
Apple iOS bestnine application
2016bestnine for 2019 of WhereCanIFLY account
Top Nine for Instagram - Best of 2019
Top Nine for Instagram 2019 for iOS devices
Top Nine for Instagram - Best of 2019 for Android

How to make the BestNine Instagram

On the website 2017bestnine, you have the exact same possibilities as with the app, without having to download, install it, and lose some previous storage space on our mobile phone, therefore we do not recommend you to download the app, but rather to visit the website and from there to generate your Instagram BestInNine.

Following below instructions, you will be able to generate and to share the bestinine Instagram of any account, even if it is not yours.

Go to to Internet website of 2017bestnine, on which you will directly be greeted with an input field in which an Instagram handle can be entered.

Enter the handle, or identifier, of the Instagram account for which you would like to see the best of nine collage, in the corresponding input field, for example the handle of our travel account.

If you do not know your hand, open your Instagram application, tap on your profile picture in the lower right corner, and look at the top left corner, the character string there is the account handle.

Wait for the website to generate your bestinine Instagram, which can take some time depending on their server load, and also the Internet connection.

In our case, it took about one minute.

Meanwhile, you will see the progress, as the website will show you how many posts and likes it has counted so far.

Once the best nine has been generated, right click and select save image as on a desktop computer, or long tap the image and select save as on a smartphone.

WhereCanIFLY best nine image 2019

Once the picture of your bestinine has been saved, open your Instagram application and share the picture just has any picture from your phone gallery, and share with your followers the best pictures of your year 2019!

Select the picture, add the corresponding hashtags, such as #2019bestnine and more, and share your picture just like any other picture already shared on your Instagram account.

Bestinine Instagram

Some useful info about the generated best in nine picture:

  • Pictures are orders by popularity, meaning the picture that got the more likes this year will be on the top left, and the one with the less likes of your 9 best  Instagram posts   of the year will be on the lower right corner,
  • The bestinnine application will compute itself the number of posts published during this year, this statistic also might be nice to share with your audience, how many posts have you published this year,
  • The bestinnine Instagram app will handle itself the total number of likes. Another great statistic to share with your audience, and maybe compete with your friends,
  • To get only the image, without the number of likes, number of posts, and the thank you for your likes mention, can be downloaded by switching from original image to square image, an option available just below the image result,
  • The resulting bestnines image can be share anytime you want and anywhere you want, for example you can also get it on Facebook to share with your audience there, or on another website.
WhereCanIFLY Instagram account
MiMorena beachwear Instagram account
Instagram best nine travel 2019
Year best nine app review
Top Nine Instagram review

How to make the Top Nine Instagram

Another way to create a top nine picture, the website Top Nine Instagram is another solution, which we found slower to generate the picture, but that created a better one in our opinion.

Top Nine for Instagram - Best of 2019

Starting from their website, the first step again is to enter an Instagram accoutn handle.

After that, the site will ask to enter an email address, in order to be able to send a notification once the image has been successfully generated, which in our experience in more than necessary as it took a few hours for our top nine image to be generated.

After a while, an email will be sent, with a link to access the generated top nine of the year 2019 image.

The link will lead directly to the image, without having to pass by the website again.

However, the proposed image is full of extra information, such as the website name, the number of likes, and some extra text at the bottom of the picture, making it more difficult to share than its main competitor, the Best Nine picture.

WhereCanIFLY Instagram account
MiMorena beachwear Instagram account
Instagram best nine travel 2019
Year best nine app review
Top Nine Instagram review

Instagram bestinine 2019

Even if the year 2020 has already started, it is still possible to get your bestinine 2019. It will create the mix of your best nine Instagram pictures of 2019.

The 2016 best nine Instagram will find your 2019 bestinine pictures of your Instagram account, simply by entering your Instagram account handle and waiting a little bit the for the best nine pictures of your Instagram to be put together in a collage. You will even get to know the total number of likes over the year, and the number of posts you made!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the best nine Instagram mean?
The best nine Instagram is a popular trend in social networks. The bottom line is that at the end of the year, subscribers share the nine best photos of the year using a website or a special application.
How to make the best nine on Instagram?
To make the best nine on Instagram, you need to use an online tool such as Top Nine or Best Nine to create a collage of your top nine most liked photos from the past year. Simply enter your Instagram handle into the tool and select the year you want to create the collage for.
How to view the best nine on Instagram?
Visit the website Enter your Instagram username in the appropriate field. Click on the Get or Create button. Wait for the website to generate your best grid of nine. Once the grid is created, you can view and download the image
What are some creative ways to curate and present a 'Best Nine' collage on Instagram?
Creative ways include using third-party apps for collage creation, adding personalized captions, and choosing posts that reflect a variety of memorable moments or themes.

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