8 Instagram Video Marketing Tips You Must Know

Twelve-year-old Instagram has come a long way from being just a “square photo-sharing platform.” Today, over 1 billion people are active on photo-sharing social media every month, which is many eyeballs!

It’s hardly surprising when studies and surveys indicate that Instagram videos can generate a lot more engagement than any other medium. For instance, Wibbitz’s research found that 31% of viewers who’ve watched a branded video on Instagram would go ahead to buy the product.

Instagram also holds several ‘world’s most’ records, including being the: 2nd-most downloaded app in the world; 4th most-used social media platform in the world; 7th most-visited website in the world; 9th most-Googled search term, apart from being Gen Z’s favorite social media.

So, the bottom line is: if you want to increase your sales and engagement levels online, you’ve got to use an excellent video editor to create unique video content for Instagram.

To help you out in the best possible way, here are some of the best Instagram video marketing tips that will bring you great success on the platform:

1. Keep the videos short

It is already known that regular Instagram videos are short. With people’s attention span similar to that of a goldfish (we both have a 9-sec attention span on an average), this is probably the reason behind Instagram videos’ impressive engagement stats.

The maximum length of the videos posted on the network could be 60-seconds only. However, if you intend to post longer videos, you need to post them on IGTV – Instagram’s long-form video section, where videos could be up to 60-minutes long.

It turns out, striking a balance well within 30-secs works best on Instagram. According to a Hubspot survey, 26-secs long videos receive the most comments on Instagram. This is because the content hits the bull’s eyes and has no scope for fluff at all.

2. The IGTV videos must have links

Link-sharing on Instagram descriptions could be frustrating. This is because links don’t work on gram’s description. So you’ve either got to refer to the bio; or share links on stories if you have over 10k followers.

If none of the above options is viable for you yet, the best way to put your link is in the bio or the video description on Instagram.

Putting the links in a video description is a great way to redirect traffic to your website or the particular product page you want them to visit. This would also spare you the extra effort of updating the bio with new links every time you post something.

3. Add subtitles all the way

Studies have revealed that 83% of Instagram viewers watch videos without volume. This is the biggest reason you need to subtitle your videos on Instagram for maximum impact.

Therefore, you must make sure to optimize Instagram videos for viewers who would knowingly, unknowingly watch videos in mute to help them follow your content.

Subtitling will also benefit people who might face difficulty following verbal language. For instance, you could use some fantastic Instagram video editor to add subtitles to your video content.

4. Use best thumbnails possible

Instagram’s algorithm is different from the other social media platforms. For instance, videos are set to auto-play by default on Instagram. But it is also possible to switch off this autoplay feature when some users choose to turn off the internet connectivity on their phones.

In these cases, the video will not auto-play, and the users will only get to see the thumbnail. An eye-catching thumbnail on the video, therefore, will urge users to play the video and engage with the content.

For instance, you could create thumbnails with a transparent background or a solid background. The idea is to compensate for the video auto-play with a striking thumbnail; hence, add relevant, catchy texts for maximum impact.

5. Do not forget great captions

You need great content if you want your videos to garner higher views and greater engagement. But do you know what is also equally crucial for video marketing? Catchy and interactive video captions. This would require a bit of creative effort from your end, but the results will be worth it.

Instagram video captions with a character range of 1001 to 2000 (upto 500 words with spaces) are the best in terms of high engagement. Try including a detailed context of the video in the caption, along with some wit and emojis.

The more persuasive your caption will be, the more people will be interested in interacting with your content.

6. Tag the products in sales videos

It is not possible to share the links of your products or websites on your Instagram feed posts. So what are the methods that eCommerce stores are adopting on the platform? They are simply tagging their products on display on the videos they upload.

The video has a bifurcation that displays a shopping cart when one tags their products. By clicking here, users can visit the product page directly and carry on with their purchases.

7. Use the live video feature

When brands Livestream from their official pages, it attracts a lot of high-level user engagement. This is because branded Livestreams are known to impact just like webinars.

Live on a social network is a video format that is broadcast to viewers in real time, here and now. That is, each viewer gets the impression of a personal conversation with their favorite brand.

But remember that people watch live broadcasts not only for lively emotions, but also for exclusive information. Therefore, think over the scenario of your broadcast in advance.

Followers can attend the streaming just to clear the queries and directly communicate with their favorite brand. To get the best results, you should plan the Livestreams well ahead of time.

8. Keep an eye on Instagram analytics

Once you have an active account with constant video posting and comment engagement, your Instagram report will automatically have a lot of insights to focus on.

Focusing on the analytics will help you understand which aspect of your video you are doing well and what needs improvement. You will also know which video length garners the most engagement and what should be the ideal video upload frequency.

These were some of the most essential and highly effective video marketing tricks and tips for brands and sellers on Instagram. You can understand all of them and implement the ones that you find the best suited.

Also, you can feel free about experimenting with a handful at a time. Once you start achieving the desired results, you will feel confident about your campaign and note the success immediately.

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