How To Find The Best Beard Style For Your Face Using A Mobile App

The nature of dense facial hair is amazing - it is exclusive to men, it has served for centuries as a shield for the skin, but the main purpose of the beard is, of course, a secondary sexual characteristic and an automatic increase in competitiveness among relatives.
How To Find The Best Beard Style For Your Face Using A Mobile App

How to find the best beard style for your face using a mobile app

The nature of dense facial hair is amazing - it is exclusive to men, it has served for centuries as a shield for the skin, but the main purpose of the beard is, of course, a secondary sexual characteristic and an automatic increase in competitiveness among relatives.

Every boy from a young age, looking at the older generation, dreams of a courageous beard, but how to understand which style to choose.

To date, this problem has been solved - there are mobile applications that will help you understand if a beard suits you and you can try beard styles online.

So you are wondering, How would I look with a beard? Before you decide to grow stubble on your face. Or maybe it's just fun to see yourself with a beard. Luckily, you can do it all with a beard app.

In ancient Greece, a beard meant a transitional period of puberty, and a boy became a man. In addition, the beards had a barbaric look. The Lombards, the conquerors of Northern Italy and the Vikings had long beards. More recently, in the 1700s, the long beard style was attributed to a specific culture, such as the Russian one.

Choosing the beard style that best suits your face shape.

There is no doubt that a beard gives you character. But it is important to choose the style that best suits your face shape.

The ultimate goal of your beard style is to add contrast and dimension to your face. Different face shapes should emphasize certain facial features, not every style suits every face. What are the styles of beard:

  • The face is round.
  • The face is oval.
  • Diamond-shaped face.
  • Triangular face shape.
  • Heart shaped face.
  • The face is square.

There are many beard simulators you can try. Realistic beard apps add facial hair to your photos, but to a certain extent. This is a great way to find out how you will look with a beard.

How to choose a beard style?

Wondering how to choose a beard style? There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect facial hair look. First of all, you must match the shape of your beard to the shape of your face. As practice shows, a mustache should restore balance if your face looks disproportionate.

Then think about how much time you can take to grooming your beard. Remember, the more complex the style, the more effort it takes. Finally, your beard should match your personal style and work atmosphere. If you have strict dress code rules, then it is better to either choose a discreet style, or even give up the beard altogether.

Best beard apps for Android, iOS and the web

To download the mobile beard photo editing app, click the Google Play Store icon, the Apple Store icon, or the Try Here button.


The app is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. There is a full site dedicated to the Beardify app. According to the developers, a beard is not just facial hair, it is splendor that manifests itself through your face.

Many people believe this same philosophy. In any case, the application allows you to have fun with both beard and shortness of breath. There are some great styles to try. The creators have also created other apps like Oldify, Stacheify, Baldify and many more.

Beardify - Grow a Beard

Men's beard, photo editor, hairdressing salon for boys - Beard Android app

The Android app will help you add a mustache, glasses, cap and beard to your photos. You can upload a picture from your photo gallery or take a picture using your phone camera. There are dozens of beard styles to try.

The resizing and rotation of the fluff on the face makes them fit. Once you're done, save your bearded photos and share them on your social media profiles for some fun.

Men Beard Photo Editor Boy Hairstyle Salon

Beard Booth Studio - Beard App (iOS)

Beard Booth Studio is an iOS app that lets you see how you would look with a beard. You can of course change the style of the mustache and beard. The interface is really simple. You can select a photo or take a new one without leaving the application.

There are several classic and modern beards and mustaches that you can try. Move your beard to fit you. Once you're done, save your beard makeup to your phone. Emailing it or sharing it on social media is also easy.

Beard Booth Studio 4+ on App Store

Beard Photo Editor - Beard Cam Live

Do you like macho beards? Try this android app and you will love it. Just like any other beard app, you need to upload your photo from your phone gallery or take a selfie in the app. The variety of beard styles is commendable.

It's also easy to adjust the size, brightness and saturation of the beard. Make it as realistic as possible.

Beard Photo Editor - Beard Cam Live

Man Photo Editor - Android Beard App

The application will allow you to look more stylish with a variety of hairstyles, mustaches, glasses and costumes. And also this app is what would I look like with a beard. There are many beard styles to choose from.

The color of the beard and mustache is different. A complete app for men. Choose an image, choose your favorite beard, customize and download to your phone. Like any other app, it gives you an idea of ​​how you will look with a beard.

Man Photo Editor : Beard, Mustache, Hair

Manly - Best Body Editor - Beard iOS App

Get a goatee with this manly app on all your Apple products. But that's not all. In photos, you can change hairstyles, get tattoos and build powerful muscles. There is an extensive collection of beard styles that you can try for yourself.

Add a picture from your phone gallery and edit it to fit your face. Share it on social media to spread love beard, with the app also hassle-free. If you are using iOS, look no further than this app.

‎Manly- Best Body Editor on the App Store - App Store – Apple

GroomTribe Styling & Shaving App for iOS and Android by (Phillips)

Try Philips' GroomTribe Styling & Shaving app. Because it was created by an internationally renowned brand, you can trust its quality. The application will help you put on a realistic beard in seconds.

You can upload or take a selfie and try over 23 different face hairstyles. The app is available for iOS and Android operating systems.

GroomTribe Styling and Shaving - Apps on Google Play
‎GroomTribe Styling and Shaving on the App Store

How would you look with a beard on the Internet?

These are online applications that can be used with any web browsing software.

Photo montage from PhotoFunny - Beard Simulator

The application helps to paint a face with a beard in photos on the Internet. There are many beard stickers in the online app that will give you a funny look. Upload a photo and you will be redirected to the PhotoFunny editor.

Choose and customize a variety of beard styles, from vintage beards to gray beards. We recommend that you choose a photo in which you come out in the front position. There are many realistic beard stickers in the app.

Photomontage to put a beard on your photo – Photofunny

Manual - beard generator

Beard Simulator is a simple beard simulator site where you can make your beard online. Upload your photo from the store, select a beard swatch and move on to the next section. That's all you need to do to capture your beard face.

You can choose a real beard, a beard with designs or a Freepik beard. But the beard generator still doesn't have a ton of beards to try. But it is better than other apps because there are not many ads in it.

Beard Simulator –

Mustache Beard Simulator

Mustache is not just a mustache. It is also an online beard generator. You can try on different beards, mustaches, caps and glasses in your photos.

Application Mustache - have fun with a beard on your face and share it on social networks. All you have to do is upload your photo, choose an artwork, adjust the dimensions and take off! To download, just click the Download button.

Not too long ago, during the global economic downturn, the beard was a money saver. Moreover, the attitude towards facial hair was rather negative, especially on the part of women.

However, in the recent past, the beard has become the ultimate expression of masculine style and masculinity. With its help, you can not only look cooler and fresher, but also hide or fix some minor flaws. To get the most out of your beard style, here are some little things to keep in mind.

Beard Simulator


All of these beard apps let you know how you will look with your beard. To be honest, these beard generators don't give you realistic beards. Although it's a real pleasure to try them. But if you really want to see how you will look with a beard, take a look at your mirror.

If you like to be creative and unique, there are many male beard options that you can try with your beard. You just need to meet a professional hairdresser who will design it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for choosing a beard style?
The main criteria for choosing a beard is your face shape, the amount of time available for styling it, your style and lifestyle. For a successful choice, check which beard suits you online.
How does a beard generator online work?
To use a beard generator online, you typically need to upload a photo of yourself or take a photo using your device's camera. Once you have a photo, you can use the app to try out different beard styles and adjust them to fit your face shape.
How to understand what type of beard suits me?
Understanding what type of beard is right for you involves considering various factors, including face shape, hair growth patterns, and personal style. Seek advice from a professional hairdresser or stylist who specializes in beard care.
What factors should be considered when using an app to determine the best beard style for one’s face?
Factors include facial shape, beard growth patterns, personal style preferences, and the app’s ability to provide realistic and customized recommendations.

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