Help Smartphone - Monetization October Results: $5.23 EPMV, $561.65 Revenue

Help Smartphone - Monetization October Results: $5.23 EPMV, $561.65 Revenue

Monetizing a technology website such as Help Smartphone is not always a simple task, as we are mostly offering content to solve simple problems, with an audience coming for quick and simple answers.

However, using EzoicAds monetization technology we were able to earn $561.65 in October, a satisfying result, and we will see below what were our best performing articles for the month of October, and which revenue they generated so far.

Highest earners in October

Having a look at the Web pages income report, let's see which ones are the top 10 earners for the month of October on our technology niche website.

Motorola Moto G Secret Phone Codes And Hacks

The Spanish version of our article about secret phone codes and hacks for a Motorola phone has brought in $15.34 with 1544 visits, which accounts for 2.73% of the websites visits for that month, for 1.20% of the total visits.

The English version of this same article is one of the best performing in terms of RPM, with $7.24 of revenue for only 194 visits.

How To Solve Instagram Video Upload Stuck?

The second best performing of our articles in October is also one of our most successful articles ever, and earned $8.69 with 938 views, showing an average RPM higher than other articles, as the revenue accounts for 1.55% of the total revenue, and the views are representing 0.73% of the total audience.

This article details how to solve an Instagram video upload that gets stuck in the middle, an issue which can appear with videos too long, or files too large, for example.

Viber How To Restore Deleted Messages?

Our article about restoring deleted messages on Viber mobile application always has good results, and the Hungarian version gathered $7.04 in revenue with 1555 visits.

The Croatian version of the same article received 924 visitors, and generated $6.50 in revenue.

How To Reset and Unlock An Maxwest Astro X55 Phone?

Reseting and unlocking a Maxwest Astro X55 phone has interested 51 visitors, for a whopping earnings of $6.10 - a huge RPM considering that the phone is not really mainstream.

How to fix No Service on Maxwest Astro X55 phone?

The visitors interested in the previous article for this rare phone, have also been very interested in fixing another issue with their phone, which is fixing the impossibility of connecting to the network coverage. This article got $5.77 in revenue, for 107 visits, or about half the RPM as the previous article.

7 Badoo Tricks

Another of our very successful articles is about the popular dating application Badoo, in which article we explains some basic tips to get matched with other people, and also some Badoo tricks to beat the application and swipe more. With $5.06 in revenue for 752 visits, it was a pretty successful month for this article.

Internet Activation Code [LycaMobile]

Fixing lack of mobile network connection with LycaMobile mobile operator has been popular with our arabic audience. It generated $4.46 in revenue for 898 visits.

How to recover broken screen Android data in 4 steps?

Finally, in the top 10 earning articles of the month, recovering data from an Android phone with broken screen has been popular with our Hebrew reading audience, and generated $4.37 with 196 visits.

Highest EPMV in October

Having a look at the landing pages EPMV report we can find which are the pages on which visitors arrive on our website and generate the most revenue within their full visit. We filtered results to the ones with at least 10 visits to exclude pages with low statistics that might not be relevant.

What Is EPMV And Why Do You Need It?

How To Reset and Unlock An Maxwest Astro X55 Phone?

Our highest EPMV of the month of October is with an article again about a rare phone, with $140.87 earnings per mille visits, a huge number which we'd like of course to see on all our pages! The  EzoicAds mediation   system shows here its full power.

A third version of this article about another Maxwest phone has got an EPMV of $53.92 - generally, these phones are attracting the most possible earnings with high EPMVs.

How To Find The Best Beard Style For Your Face Using A Mobile App

With 17 visits and $1.92 earnings, our article about applications to find your own beard style has got an $113.04 EPMV which is pretty huge, however it only applies to a few pages.

How To Reset and Unlock An Maxwest Nitro 55M Phone?

The article about reseting this phone, that had a great revenue for a similar phone version, has got a $86.80 EPMV in October, which translates in $1.74 revenue for 20 pages viewed.

The article about of another similar model has generated 1.44% of the global revenue with a $68.66 Earnings Per Mille Visits.

How to fix No Service on Maxwest Nitro 55 LTE phone?

With 51 visits and an EPMV of $75.66, our article about fixing the missing connection to phone service on another rare phone model has led these visits to generate $3.86.

Maxwest Nitro 5M call issues

Rare phones definitely brings in great revenue, and fixing call issues on a Maxwest Nitro 5M has generated a $74.33 EPMV with accounted for 0.33% of the website global earnings with only 0.02% of the global website visits.

LG K20 plus call issues

Fixing calling issues on an LG phone has attracted 22 clicks or only 0.03% our our global website visits, with a $63.50 EPMV.

How to recover broken screen Motorola Moto G data in 4 steps?

Half a percent of our website earnings have been coming from an article with $59.39 Earnings Per Mille Visits about recovering data from a broken screen on a Motorola phone.

Motorola Moto Z2 Play Secret Phone Codes And Hacks

With only $1 in revenue, an article about secret cheat codes in Spanish for Motorola phones has got an $54.74 EPMV.

RPM from recently published articles

Frequently Asked Questions

How do internet influencers make money?
The best way for online bloggers to earn money is to monetize content with the help of an advertising partner EzoicAds. The algorithms of this system guarantee high earnings for site owners.
What is Ezoic RPM?
Ezoic RPM, or Revenue Per Mille, is a metric that represents the estimated earnings per 1000 ad impressions generated by a website using Ezoic's ad optimization platform.
How to increase the EPMV of a website?
To increase a website's EPMV, you can focus on creating high quality, engaging, and relevant content. Optimize your website for a great user experience. Drive targeted traffic to your website. Experiment with ad placement. Conduct A/B testing to compare d
What factors contributed to the successful monetization results for Help Smartphone in October, achieving $5.23 EPMV?
Key factors likely included effective ad placement strategies, high-quality content attracting steady traffic, and seasonal trends influencing ad revenue.

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