Wondershare - Mirror Go (Android) review

Wondershare - Mirror Go (Android) review

Sometimes, based on different needs, it is necessary to enable the display of the smartphone screen on the computer screen.

Mirror Go for Android devices is the perfect program for this task. It can be used when you need to mirror your phone screen to a large, easy-to-use computer screen. Moreover, it is worth noting that this program will work even if the phone does not have root rights.

About the program

Surely many users dream of being able to control their phone from the big screen in some situations.

Mirroring technology has made many forms of communication easier, especially when it comes to recording your content for online streaming across channels.

Wondershare MirrorGo removes any restrictions that might ruin your gaming experience. While the regular emulator often faces downtime due to high-end games, MirrorGo runs smoothly on a stable platform.

Using this program enables the user to control the phone while working directly from the computer. Or, this skill can be useful if there is a need to demonstrate the phone screen to a large audience. All this is now possible with the Mirror Go!

But these are not all the useful functions. Thanks to the cleverness of this program, the user can transfer various data between the device and the computer. It is also possible to record and save data from the screen of your mobile phone. To do this, open the Functions tab. On this tab, you can find out more information on how to make it easier to use your phone and computer.

Features of the software

With the help of the Mirror Go program, you can successfully control your phone on the Android operating system from your computer on which this program is installed.

Controlling your phone from a computer is very simple, just a connection. You can not only communicate and show something, but also play.

The program gives the user access to such important functions as: viewing and replying to messages, WhatsApp and working with other applications. It is very easy to control the phone screen - using a regular computer mouse.

Another very interesting function is available to the user - for example, you can drag and drop files from your computer to your phone, which will ensure their immediate transfer to your device. It is as convenient and practical as possible.

Thanks to this feature, the user can transfer data from computer to phone, including Word files, Excel and various other files.

In addition, it is possible to record a phone, create various screenshots, and then save them to a computer.

You can create a video recording of the screen, and then save this video directly to your computer. Screenshots are saved in the same way. Also, the transfer of various data works very conveniently - you need to select them and simply drag them to the desired area.

Using the software

For different actions, the developers offer different simple instructions with just a few steps. Let's consider them in more detail.

Smartphone control using a computer.

Step 1: Connect the Android smartphone to your PC

At this stage, you need to download and install the application, then launch it and connect the phone via cable. It is worth noting that the cable must be completely serviceable, the uninterrupted operation depends on it. After connecting the device, a small menu will appear in which you must select Transfer files for USB connection. If everything is selected correctly, you must click the Next button.

Step 2: Turn on developer option and enable USB debugging

At this stage, you need to enable developer mode and then enable debug mode. In order to enable developer mode, you need to go to the settings and click on the build number 7 times. Next, you need to click OK, this will give the computer access to the phone.

Step 3: Control smartphone from PC

At this stage, you can start controlling your smartphone from your computer. You can use both the mouse and the keyboard to control the phone.

Transfer files between your device and your computer.

If the user needs to transfer data between the phone and the computer, then in this case there is absolutely no need to install additional software. First, you need to connect your phone to your computer using a reliable cable. At the same stage, you must enable debugging. Next, you need to click on the Files button. At the last stage, for this case, you need to drag and drop the necessary files.

Record Android device screen to computer

This function becomes possible only when the device is connected to a computer and is broadcast on the computer screen. This requires two simple steps.

After the phone is successfully connected to the computer, you must select the Record button. After that, you can do any actions with the phone through the program, everything will be recorded. When you need to stop recording, you need to click on the Record button again.

If there is a need to use the recorded video, the user can look in the settings for the path to save it and find the video in a folder on the computer.

Users highly appreciate the work with this program, since it allows several times to simplify the control of a smartphone on the Android operating system from a computer. In addition, there are also nice functions like screen recording, which make the use not only productive, but also interesting.

★★★★★  Wondershare - Mirror Go (Android) review The program gives the user access to such important functions as: viewing and replying to messages, WhatsApp and working with other applications. It is very easy to control the phone screen - using a regular computer mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wondershare - Mirror Go enhance the gaming experience on Android?
Wondershare - Mirror Go allows users to mirror their Android screen to a larger display, enhancing the gaming experience with better visibility and more immersive gameplay. It also offers the ability to use keyboard and mouse controls, providing a more precise and comfortable gaming experience.

Wondershare MirrorGo Tutorial

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