How to Set Up a VPN on Your Mobile Phone?

Have you ever heard about Virtual Private Network? Yes, the tool that helps you unblock the prohibited websites. But do you know that mobile VPN is now integrated into the mobile phone?

What is VPN on my cell phone?

Have you ever heard about Virtual Private Network? Yes, the tool that helps you unblock the prohibited websites. But do you know that  mobile VPN   is now integrated into the mobile phone?

 Virtual Private Network   (VPN), as its name already indicated, is a private network connecting devices like LAN, that network then extends across a public network so the remote user can connect with one another.

VPN for cell phone creates a private and secure tunnel to share data between users. It is originally a connection solution for companies, especially the smaller ones to deal with security issues. The data within is encrypted and only the authorised users can decrypt it. Therefore, the data cannot be extracted by intruders and even when the intruder gets in, they have no idea how to use the data.

How to use VPN in mobile phone?

Thanks to its advantages, VPN is used more popularly among the individual internet users. Besides security and privacy, these below benefits can also be taken into account:

  • Gives access to the prohibited website,
  • Helps to  buy cheaper flight   prices,
  • Remote control,
  • Sharing capability.

How to Set Up a VPN on Your Phone?

As the mobile phone keeps becoming a powerful device, VPN providers start to develop compatible applications and  PlanetFreeVPN   is not an exception. With IOS and Android version, FreeVPNPlanet can be downloaded for most common phone brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.

Another significant strength of FreeVPNPlanet is the coverage. The total servers exceed 338 in over 30 countries, spreading all 5 continents, making sure that you can get the  IP address   from every corner of the world.

To start using PlanetFreeVPN, please follow these steps:

  • Subscribe a plan,
  • Download and install the application compatible with your phone,
  • Choose one of the available servers,
  • Enjoy one of the  Best VPN   services.
Cheaper flights with a VPN

VPN for cell phone

With the IP change helped by FreeVPNPlanet, you can become anonymous to visit various websites with no restriction regardless of the country you live in. Since the connection speed is still assured, streaming or broadcasting is no longer a problem.

Connecting to the public network makes your phone vulnerable, VPN for cell phone can be simple but ideal protection. As aforementioned, your data is now encrypted, away from the interception of hackers. This is even more vital if you are a businessman that has tons of important information in your device.

If you are a traveller, VPN saves your money on flights buy allowing you to buy cheaper flight, and get cheaper car rental. These service provider can track your location before proposing price. Since  mobile VPN   can give you a new  IP address   or a new identity, choosing a server from a third world country may cost you less for such services.

Besides the phone version,  PlanetFreeVPN   also provides VPN for the desktop in different operating systems like Windows, Linux, MacOS. There are also free extensions for Chrome and Firefox browser.

The Bottom Line

As the mobile phone and internet connection become indispensable,  mobile VPN   is an ideal tool to give a better and safer experience. With the mobile version provided by PlanetFreeVPN, you can enjoy these below benefits from just $2.99 per month:

  • Fast connection
  • Protect your privacy
  • Wide network
  • Solid encryption
  • Highly anonymous
The main benefits of vpn on phone is the protection of your data and privacy on the Internet. 

The way is to encrypt the tunnels to preserve your anonymity by masking your  IP address   when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots. In simple words, your activity on the network remains known only to you. Also, if you are watching movies online or trying to access websites that are blocked in your country, then a VPN will definitely help you. Without a VPN service, you simply cannot access this content and this is its one key advantage.

Enjoy one of the  Best VPN   for cell phone, PlanetFreeVPN, and let us know in comments your experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to avoid being able to track phone location?
If you are worried that someone can track the location of the phone, then start using a VPN. For example FreeVPNPlanet, which can change your IP address. By changing your IP address with FreeVPNPlanet you can become anonymous online.
What are the benefits of VPN on phone?
Using a VPN on your phone offers the benefits of enhanced privacy, enhanced security, access to restricted content, and secure remote connectivity, making it a valuable tool for protecting your digital life.
How to use VPN on cell phone?
Choose and download a trusted VPN app from your device's app store. Install the VPN app on your mobile phone and launch it. Sign in to the VPN app using your credentials. Give the necessary permissions. Select a server location based on your preferences o
What is the process for setting up a VPN service on a mobile phone for enhanced online privacy and security?
Setting up a VPN on a mobile phone typically involves downloading a VPN app, signing in, and connecting to a server. It’s important to use a trusted VPN service for reliable security.

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