How to grow business using social media?

It is best to engage and connect with your followers all the time. Be relatable and interact with them by doing live videos, real time posting, having polls and talking to your audience in a language that most of them use (trend/slang). You should connect with them by coming up with relatable posts and letting them be involved in your public life.

Focus on what you can offer

Don't look at the outward appearance of people and things, there's a lot of brands that seem like they have it all figured out, people on social media who act like they're perfect, companies who seem to be very successful - they just go bankrupt because they're just putting on a show, act like they have it all together. We spend so much time looking up on people and somewhat want their perfect lives. Instead of doing that, focus on yourself and what you can offer. Don't compare and feel discouraged, you don't know what's going on behind the scenes of anyone else's life. Focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

Assist customers on social media

A social network is an Internet platform where you can post information about yourself and exchange information, photos, messages, and various files with other users. Social networks can be used as a tool for self-development.

At first glance, it seems that social networks are created only for entertainment, but this is not so. You can grow your business using social media.

Our customers at Banish are shifting to social media as the main form of communicating with our brand. This is not surprising as people nowadays spend a lot of time on social media and it has become a more convenient way of reaching and interacting with us. We make sure they get assistance as soon as possible.

Build a community by being authentic

My product line started from me building my own community. I build that community in YouTube by being authentic, real, vulnerable & available to my followers. I read their comments,connect with them, tell them my problems, & give them an honest review. I build a relationship with them. The only reason I was able to launch my company is because I had a community of people who really trust me. It’s great because I never had a perfect skin and I’ve been true to my followers about that. Because of that, people can relate & trust me, knowing that we’re on the same boat. In the end, it led them to try my products because it worked on me! My followers know my imperfections & because of that, my customers who are also not perfect, are attracted to my products knowing that my story is something they can relate to.

Focus on connected moments

I think if I start my community from scratch, I would have stopped focusing on the numbers and really focus on engaging with every single member of our community. In the beginning, I want to get as many members as possible. What happened is, you just get a lot of followers, but not a lot of engaging moments. If given the chance, I would have worked on focusing on the “connected moments” and looking at it as a metric than the actual followers.

GenZ prefers entertaining content

Gen Z doesn't want boring infographics, they prefer quick, entertaining & understandable content. This is why as time goes by, people come up with faster means of entertainment - TikTok. Sell through Tiktok by posting your products & FYIs through an enjoyable, creative, & fun content. The more original & eye catching, the better. Use trendy words & communicate even on comments or direct messages - always be relatable.

Speak on behalf of your customers

We share the inspiring stories of those who are afraid to post theirs. We speak on behalf of our customers. We share the unspoken truth and realities of the problems other people think are just normal. We created Instagram accounts to share our customer's stories, reviews and battles, we call them Banish Soldiers. We also made an account for our Banish Warriors, who post their weekly stories to encourage more people through their voices. We lift others up through our social media account and we inspire them by empathizing with them. Just build a culture who understands you and your mission. From there, gather real people who will help in patronizing your mission. Finally, constantly and consistently share stories,which is your main advocacy. Don't be contradicting and share perfect people.

Get to know the demographics

It is very important for brands to know what social media platform has more engagement, what time are your followers more active and what topic is more likable. It is also vital for brands to really know who their demographic is to help us more in what topics to post and what kinds of content to create. Topics and content must be relatable, hashtags must be trending and popular and the influencers you collaborate with should also be influential and at the same time resonate your mission/vision.

Engage privately with customers

There’s one thing that people forget in social media - an opportunity to engage with them PRIVATELY. With customer engagement, you get ideas of what they think about your brand and at the same time you have the chance to convey your message to everyone. You don't have to do the tasks, bots and your team can do it for you.. But once in a while I learn to engage. You’ll learn from someone for sure.

Update and keep pictures in sync

In personal branding, pictures are not really a big deal; but when you use different photos (especially when they're not updated) on all your social media accounts' profile photos, it confuses people and gives a hint of being private or keeping something from the public. It's impossible to brand yourself and be too private, especially in photos. Update them every quarter, make sure they're in sync.

Social media updates use

Be updated on every new update and how it can be favorable for you and your followers. For example, IG users watch stories more, FB users value lengthy posts more, YT has more video viewers. With the new updates we have like highlights, captions text, shop and IGTV. Facebook has highlights and watch with a group option. YT having lives and posting options. Every update should be maximized/used.

A page link on your signature is a major clickbait, what more when it's used by everyone in the team. Everytime you pitch for an interview/feature, make sure to include your Linkedin profile to be included as a part of your answer/feature. Include it in your site, pages, and social media accounts to have more followers in an instant.

Comment of the month contest

People hate surveys, they prefer commenting, it makes everything casual & easy to do. Have a contest on your social media accounts called COMMENT OF THE MONTH where people can comment & from there, gather all their suggestions. Repost every week so others can join too.That is the best way to engage with other customers & at the same time reward them for giving you suggestions and feedback.

Ask influencers to try your products

Normally, we ask influencers to try our products and post reviews on their own social media accounts. Yes it's great because their followers are introduced to our products. On the other hand, they get a LOT of inquiries & most of the time, influencers fail to respond. Our job is to connect ourselves to their followers, making the influencers a bridge where we'll be introduced in a bigger network.

Giveaways are the best way to advertise a live feed

Giveaways are the best way to advertise a live feed. Before the giveaway, post it on your social media accounts for people to know, include it to your newsletters. Then, have a giveaway during the live feed to grab everyone's attention and to be worth everybody's time. While live, have a tutorial that will show your products/service well.

Daisy Jing
Banish Acne Scars

Daisy Jing here, a YouTube vlogger and a soon to be mompreneur who founded and bootstrapped a now multi-million beauty product line named Banish. I have knowledge and experience in business and marketing. My business is ranked #152nd fastest growing company in INC500. I was also included in Forbes 30 under 30 in manufacturing.

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