How To Factory Reset A Locked Android Phone?

When you are locked out of your Android smartphone and cannot do anything with it, and you cannot unlock the screen with either a password or PIN, the only option to recover the phone is to factory reset it from outside.

How do I factory reset a locked Android phone

When you are locked out of your Android smartphone and cannot do anything with it, and you cannot unlock the screen with either a password or PIN, the only option to recover the phone is to factory reset it from outside.

What to do with locked phone

As the smartphones are now using security features like password, pin codes, or visual checks to unlock the phone, it can become easily possible to get locked out of your own phone, after having forgotten the access sequence, without any possibility to get the access to the phone back.

In order to get back to the phone, the only and last solution is to factory reset the Android phone, unless it can be unlocked from the Google device manager.

Google device manager

Before doing a factory reset, try to access the device in the Android device manager.

It might be the case, depending on the Android phone, that Android device manager is able to unlock the phone, providing that you succeed at the security verification.

Android find my device

Hard reset Android phone

When the phone is locked out, the last solution is to perform a hard reset.

Start by turning off the phone, by long pressing the power button even when phone is locked, and selecting the power off option.

Then, hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously for up to 20 seconds, until the boot menu of the phone shows up.

Factory reset phone from boot menu

Once in the boot menu, there will be an option to factory reset the phone, accessible directly from there.

To navigate in the boot menu, use the volume buttons to go up or down on the option selection, and use the power button to apply the selection.

Take care, once the phone has been factory reseted, all data will be lost!

How to factory reset locked Android phone?

There are several ways to reset a locked Android phone, but only one way without the password to wipe a locked Android phone, which is using a third party application such as the  Tenorshare 4uKey Android unlocker tool   that will wipe out any Android phone and reset it to factory settings.

How to wipe a locked Android phone?

  1. Download and install the  Tenorshare 4uKey Android unlocker tool   on a computer
  2. Connect the locked Android phone to wipe with USB to the computer
  3. Open the  Tenorshare 4uKey Android unlocker tool   application and select the “remove screen lock” mode
  4. Follow the software wizard to reset the locked Android phone
  5. After factory reset is complete, the password/ lock screen is removed

When you  hard reset Android   phone locked out, you do not lose any information that hasn’t been saved to the phone memory.

On the other hand, once you’ve found out how to reset locked Android device by doing a factory reset, all information on the phone will be lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

If nothing helps, how to reset locked Android phone?
In such a case, you need to perform a hard reset. Turn off the phone, hold down the power button, hold it and the volume down button at the same time for 20 seconds until the phone boot menu appears.
Is it dangerous to do an Android factory reset locked phone?
Doing an Android factory reset on a locked phone is not inherently dangerous, but it may result in the loss of all data on the device, including contacts, messages, photos, and app data. Additionally, if the phone is linked to a Google account or other online accounts, the reset may require the user to enter login credentials before the device can be used again.
How to factory reset a phone that is locked?
Turn off your phone, press and hold a specific key combination at the same time, such as volume up + power button or volume down + power button. Use the volume keys to navigate through menu options and the power button or home button to select. Look for a
What process can be followed to perform a factory reset on an Android phone that is locked?
A factory reset can be performed by booting the phone into recovery mode and selecting the factory reset option, which erases all data on the device.

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