Download xVideoServiceThief on Android +6 alternatives

At the moment, it is not possible to download xVideoServiceThief for Android, as the software is only available for desktop on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

How to download xVideoServiceThief on Android

At the moment, it is not possible to download xVideoServiceThief for Android, as the software is only available for desktop on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

What is xvideoservicethief? xvideoservicethief is a free and open source software that allows to download your videos from several online platforms

However, see below a few alternatives to xVideoServiceThief download on Android that will allow you to download videos online for your Android device.

6 best xvideoservicethief alternative

6 xvideoservicethief sourceforge net index links

xVideoServiceThief download |
xVideoServiceThief download Windows installer v2.5.2
v2.5.2 xVideoServiceThief portable download Windows installer on softonic
xVideoServiceThief portable download Windows installer on WinPenPack
v2.5.2 xVideoServiceThief download DMG bundle for MAC OS, requires macOS 10.5 or newer
v2.5.2 xVideoServiceThief download Linux 64-bit compacted bundle which requires Qt 5

Video-dl alternative to xVideoServiceThief

Programs to download videos from virtually any website.

Download videos from YouTube, Rai, Rai Replay, Video Mediaset, La7, Witty TV, Dplay and lots of other websites!

Video-dl - Daniil Gentili
Video-dl - Daniil Gentili web version

Videoder Video Downloader alternative to xVideoServiceThief

With over 40 million downloads Videoder is among the hottest Youtube downloaders on Android. Well it started as a Youtube downloader initially but now supports downloading from over 50+ sites. Packed with ample features and perfected with a modern design, the app will surely win your hearts.

Videoder - Free Youtube Video and Music Downloader for Android
Videoder download for Android

SaveDeo Video Downloader for Android alternative

SaveDeo: Download videos online with ease! The easiest way to download video online. Download video from Twitter and more!

Fast and easy download of videos from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other websites.

SaveDeo: The easiest way to download video online from Youtube

Avidd alternative to xVideoServiceThief

Android GUI for youtube-dl. Avidd Video Downloader supports 200+ video portals around the web.

Based on the popular python app 'youtube-dl', Avidd supports hundreds of video portals around the web.

Video Portal Support: they support 200+ video portals, You wont have to look anywhere else!

Inbuilt Download Manager: Lightening fast Download Manager inside!

Free to Use: This app is free and will remain so!

Material Design: Award winning Material Design UI!

Avidd - Video Downloader for Android alternative to xVideoServiceThief

Facebook Video Downloader Online, Download Facebook Videos and Save them directly from facebook to your computer or mobile for Free without Software.

Facebook Video Downloader Online

YouWeTube alternative to xVideoServiceThief

YouWeTube is a fabulous application for downloading content from YouTube in an amazingly fast and straightforward way.

With YouWeTube you can download any video from YouTube in an assortment of configurations: pick between downloading the sound, the video, or both in various characteristics. You should simply utilize the YouTube seek bar through the application and once you've discovered what you're searching for, simply tap the catch that shows up on your screen. When you pick the configuration and quality, you can begin the download and in only seconds, you have the substance you need on your screen.

YouWeTube has one particularly valuable component: it doesn't expect you to seek YouTube from YouWeTube to download content, you can likewise do it from the YouTube application itself. In the event that you have the application introduced on your telephone and you discover a video you need to download, you simply need to impart it to YouWeTube, pick the organization and quality, and begin the download. This component is extraordinary as it adds to the simplicity and comfort of downloading the recordings you need.

To put it plainly, YouWeTube is a magnificent decision with regards to downloading YouTube content, both for the simplicity of utilizing the application itself alongside the comfort of making the most of its highlights without the need to leave the authority YouTube application.

YouWeTube | All Video Downloader
YouWeTube 2.8 for Android - Download
How to download videos online using xVideoServiceThief?

Video download Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download videos from streaming sites? Can I record streaming video?
You can download your videos online using xVideoServiceThief or one of its alternatives.
Is it illegal to download from Youtube?
You should only download videos for which you have rights, such as your own videos or videos that are explicitely marked as valid for reuse.
What is the best URL video downloader?
The best URL video download is the xVideoServiceThief open source software.
Can VLC record streaming video?
Yes, VLC can record videos on your computer. ( ⩺ More information on their website)
Is MPEG 4 the same as mp4?
MPEG 4 is the multimedia format of the .mp4 file extension.
What's better MKV or mp4?
MKV and mp4 multimedia format both support high quality H.264 videos, but MP4 support is included in more programs and devices than MKV format.
What is best video format?
The best video format probably is MP4 as it allows to include high quality videos and rich multimedia content such as subtitles.
What is a good way to download videos from Instagram?
With SaveDeo YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will no longer be a problem to download your videos. This is the easiest way to download videos online at high speed.
What are the best Videoder alternatives?
Here are some of the best alternatives: Snaptube, TubeMate, VidMate, 4K Video Downloader, and YTD Video Downloader. Remember to respect copyright laws and terms of service when using these apps.
What are the Fbdown alternative?
Some alternatives to Fbdown, a popular online tool for downloading videos from Facebook, include, Getfvid, KeepVid, TubeOffline, and BitDownloader.
What are the features of xVideoServiceThief for Android and what are six alternative video downloading apps?
xVideoServiceThief offers video downloading capabilities from various websites. Alternatives include apps like TubeMate, VidMate, SnapTube, YTD Downloader, KeepVid, and Videoder.

Frequently Asked Questions

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