How to access the System UI Tuner - Android secret menu?

Most users of the android operating system sooner or later begin to think about how to increase the functional component of their smartphone.
How to access the System UI Tuner - Android secret menu?

Android secret menu. What it is. How to enter it and what benefit it will bring.

Most users of the android operating system sooner or later begin to think about how to increase the functional component of their smartphone.

Many, in view of their beliefs and relative simplicity, prefer applications and utilities that allow this functionality to be expanded. But along with simplicity, there are significant disadvantages here, which do not suit those who are determined to significantly expand the capabilities of the smartphone. For example, such a minus as the minimum number of parameters available for customization, as well as a rather narrow list of options available for expanding the functionality.

And for those who are not satisfied with being content with little, there is a second way - access to the Android secret menu, or, as it is also called, the engineering menu. There is already a significant variety of settings that were previously unavailable on  a smartphone   with an android operating system. But things are not so simple, and it takes a lot of effort to get into this Android secret menu. There are several ways to get to this menu and in this article we will look at them.

1. Enter the Android secret menu with a phone call code

The engineering menu is a section hidden from ordinary users, which is necessary for deep customization of the operating system and various components of the smartphone. With it, you can increase the volume of the speakers, adjust the operation of sensors and cameras, check GPS and Wi-Fi, and so on.

If you are interested in this secret from the developers, then we will tell you in more detail about the hidden Android menu, where to look for it and what to do with it.

The first and one of the main ways to enter the Android secret menu is by entering the following code:


But here it is important to note the moment that although the code is universal, nevertheless, it may not fit different phone models and therefore, before calling the engineering menu, pay attention to the model of your smartphone and, accordingly, after that to the features inherent in it ...

After entering this combination of characters, a special engineering menu will appear in front of you, which will contain a list of previously unavailable functions available for configuring to control various systems of an android smartphone. In addition to the difference in the code for entering the secret menu in different smartphone models, this also leads to the fact that the functions presented in the engineering menu may be incomplete or even absent.

2. Enter the Android secret menu from the settings menu

On some other phones and since Android Marshmallow, such as the Nexus and Pixel phones, the System UI Tuner can be accessed by pulling down the notification tab, on top of your Android screen.

There, tap and hold on to the gear icon, the icon used for settings access, until it starts being animated or the phone starts vibrating, depending on the phone model.

When that will be the case, and the System UI Tuner hidden menu will have been activated, the gear will roll over, the phone will take you to the settings menu, and a box mentioning “Congrats! System UI has been added to Settings” will appear.

From now on, you can access the hidden Android's System UI Tuner menu by going to the settings, navigating to the bottom of the app, and selecting the System UI Tuner option that just appeared.

Troubleshooting the Android secret menu access

But above, we examined the positive outcomes and the most successful ones. It should be understood that there is a chance that the entrance will not be so easy and it will not work the first time. But do not immediately get upset and despair, below we will consider the most common mistakes that lead to problems with the entrance and ways to solve them.

  • The first and most popular error is the incorrectly entered code, which we talked about above. As you can see, the code consists of a sufficiently large number of different characters, which, in fact, can cause errors when typing it. Even one incorrectly placed hash or an extra asterisk affects the entire outcome of manipulations, so carefully review the code in full and only after you have made sure that the code is entered correctly - activate it by pressing the call button. And only if the code is correct, but the menu did not appear, go to the next step in solving this problem.
  • Root rights were not received. Obtaining root rights is an important attribute for the successful functioning of the available functions in the engineering menu window, since this way there is more access to making changes in your smartphone.
  • Your Android smartphone version does not include access to the Android secret menu also called System UI Tuner – and in that case, there is nothing you can do, as the option is simply not available.

In summary

Summing up, I would like to note special attention to the fact that all these manipulations can significantly expand the functionality of your smartphone, but it is also worth understanding that there are certain risks that can not only interfere with the full operation of the smartphone, but also lead to complete inoperability of  a smartphone   based on the android operating system.

For more hidden Android features, check the list of Android secret codes that might let you find the Android secret menu you are looking for!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to enter the Android engineering menu on Pixel?
The System UI Tuner can be accessed by pulling down on the notifications tab at the top of the Android screen. There, press and hold the gear icon, the icon used to access settings, until it animates or the phone vibrates, depending on the phone model.
What is system UI on my Android phone?
System UI on an Android phone refers to the interface that allows the user to interact with the device's operating system and its various features. It includes elements such as the status bar, navigation bar, and notification panel, as well as system dialogs and menus. System UI is responsible for managing various system functions and providing a consistent user experience across the Android platform.
How to find an open system UI tuner?
On Android devices, you can access developer options by going to the settings menu, scrolling down to the About Phone or About Device section, and tapping Build Number repeatedly until it unlocks the developer. mode. After enabling developer options, chec
What is the procedure to access Android’s System UI menu, and what customization options does it offer?
Accessing involves developer options and specific code input. It offers customization for status bars, notification settings, and other system interfaces.

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